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Welcome to a wake up of what is possible - to start out I want you to answer some questions to gauge where you are at now to get a glimpse of your potential for the future of what we can start in 30-60 days. 

Look over each section to think over the questions to give me an honest answer. 

Your replies are confidential and only seen by myself. 

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Let's get real - I want you to describe your present situation. Tell me the truth of where you are at right now that is causing you to want to step out in faith to create something.


The more honest you can be about what is going on for what is causing you pain -  to take some form of action - so that you can get clear on where in your life you need guidance to make life better.


I have twin sons in college - I have a small retirement started - I am burnt out - this is my journey personally.


What form of pain are you in that makes you realize you need to do something pretty damn soon. 

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What is it that you want in one year? 


Think of it this way - this will be your best year and all of what you did and accomplished from one year will be what?


This is a really cool thing to think about as knowing in one year - if you were to be in the future and look back - what did you accomplish during the year that you never thought was possible? 

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This section of the assessment is all about why you want what you want. 

We always take into consideration other people and what we can help them achieve or solve their problems - I get that. 

You think about this in your head and now I want you to express more of what is in your heart.


 Why are you working for this? This is hard work and why you do what you do reveals what is important to YOU (not other people) but for you personally.


Think about it this way...what will this give you if you truly accomplish your vision, goals and dream? 


Faith - Family - Fitness - Business - Friends - Self Care....why do you want to take this on for your own personal reasons? 

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Final question - think it over....what capabilities will you need to achieve your goals? 


If you had someone that was 2-4-7 steps ahead of you to share with you what you need to do - what would you want to know and what would you need to do for you to accomplish? 


What do you need to learn? 



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