Cultivate Your Curls - The MAP Method

$110.00 USD

  • For Wavy & Curly Hair - not intended for 3c-4c hair. Check out this link for example of curl types.
  • NO REFUNDS for this course.
  • Video content of practical info teaching you what you need to know and why - then I show you application videos of actually doing everything. 
  • Take your before photos of back, side and front to share with us in the future. 
  • Start a Curl Journey Journal to keep track of what you use and learn. 
  • This is the same info I share with each client that sits in my chair - it has worked for thousands of people with wavy/curly hair - and I am confident it will work for you. 
  • Make sure you visit my business Facebook page - this has before and after photos of real clients that did their own hair with this system, method & technique - I guided them during their session with me - so what you see in the after photos are of how THEY DID THEIR OWN HAIR! This is what you will learn in this course!! Clieck here for Facebook Page Link.

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