Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program (CHAMP)

$999.00 USD


This is THE perfect online video class to help you build the art, method & technique and business of working with curly hair. 

PLEASE read all information before purchasing!

This course is broken down into 3 segments:

1) The MAP Method - product application - this is an in-depth explanation of how to guide your client to achieve beautiful hair - on their own - at home. Every manufacture and training program has YOU applying the products - BUT...this course teaches you to be The Guide to help & teach THE CLIENT to apply the products. This has never been done before teaching this at Symposiums and now YOU will learn how to do this in this course. Your client will walk around with beautiful hair AND know how to do this on their own for the rest of their life....this will bring you a LOT of business alone! 

2) Cubist Curl Cutting - this section of videos give you a break down of how to bust up traditional cutting methods and quickly learn how to make your clients wavy/curly hair turn out beautiful - unlike anyone else around you in your industry. It is unique for sure. 

3) Business - what you will learn in this course will separate you from others around you and create a differentiation that deserves higher prices and I will address the fears and limiting beliefs to help you charge what you are truly worth. 

The price of this course is a non-refundable $999.00 - it has made a huge difference in the business of those that take this course and will return your investment quickly. I work with you in this course to help you achieve a new level of income that will make you proud of what you do as a Curly Hair Artistry Specialist. 

I also want YOUR feedback on what is being given to you and adjust it as needed to make sure this is of highest value to you - therefore I will add more content as needed. This means it will grow over time to be a fantastic library of content. 

This course will have a COMMENTS section under each video that will allow you to ask questions or make observations or add to the content as you want. You can watch the videos in privacy as often as you want and remain quiet OR become active with comments & questions inside the course. 

This course is complete in of itself and intentional in helping you increase your prices and increase your business and IT WORKS

I recommend you learn this course in segments and get acquainted with the new vocabulary and techniques you will learn and for me to guide you under the comments/questions as each segment is released will make learning easier for you. 

Purchasing this course means that you will not share this content with others or on Social Media in any form - copyright2019 with Curly Hair Artistry LLC. 

You have an option to send me photos and videos (through Dropbox) of The MAP Application & Cubist Curl Cutting & Business ideas that you implemented - you will be Certified Curly Hair Artistry and listed on CHA website under the Stylist Locator with the new heading of CERTIFIED in MAP or Cubist Cutting OR BOTH. 

We have a community that is on Facebook and this allows you private interactions with myself, as well as, others around the world with the same focus and mindset to help each other succeed. You can post photos and ask questions if you are considering getting Certification with CHAMP. 

It is time to start a new movement with Curly Hair Artistry with an in-depth online course and build a new community that will work together to impact our industry AND your income. 

This online course & study will be the best way to do so!

WELCOME to Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program! 


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