Curly Hair Artistry

Helping Hair Stylists to learn the art, method / techniques & the business of working with all types of curly hair.


Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) started out in 2013 with the goal of helping hair stylists to develop a Personal Vision that focuses on curly hair, to learn about a variety of brands with excellent ingredients and our own techniques and methods of applyication (to not depend on one brand) and how to increase and build your business using strategies we call a Boutique Business Model. 

Once a stylist puts this model into practice we have seen income, confidence and esteem go up - and they become a leader in their community of how to specialize in an area of passion to impact the next generation (teaching, work with manufactures, have their own classes, etc) that increases the circle of influence that CHA is creating. 

We are similar to Consumer Reports in that we investigate, test and report back our ideas and discoveries of what works best to our communities & tribe that breaks down the essential components of successful results - and we would love to have you be apart of this organically growing business. 

While many in CHA have 50 - 100% of their business working on wavy, curly & coily hair and are specialists, you may just want to increase your knowledge of how to take your current clients and develop a better service for them that is non-brand based (you can actually use any product: and we recommend water soluble products that you will learn about in our training as ingredients do matter with hair returning in better condition over time instead of the industry version we see more of getting worse over time). 




Curly Hair Artistry 

CHA sends out occasional updates about hands on trainings, mentoring and upcoming courses that you can attend online. Sign up here for what we believe is the best in education that you can get for increasing your knowledge, vision & business in working with curly hair.