Curly Hair Artistry LLC Advanced Training, Courses & Mentoring

The Art, Methods and Business of working on all types of curly hair.

A complete course in working with curly hair.

The MAP Method of product application.

Products are one part of the equation - how you apply them with methods & techniques is even more important.

Scott Musgrave - Founder of Curly Hair Artistry

Scott teaches Professional Hair Stylists the principles of Cubist Curl Cutting to help their clients with wavy & curly hair.

Ron Suriano - Educator for Curly Hair Artistry

Ron shares his wealth of experience on cutting, business & hair color at our live trainings.

Wafaya Abdallah - Educator for Curly Hair Artistry

Wafaya Abdallah reveals how to expand your vision & brand to impact your bank account.

Curly Hair Artistry Symposiums

Live hands-on training


Online Community Access