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Welcome to Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method info page. 
My name is Scott Musgrave and I am a curly hair specialist that works everyday behind the chair helping people with wavy & curly hair to EMBRACE their hair.  I am also founder of Curly Hair Artistry which is a mentoring & training company that helps to teach Hair Stylists the art and business of working on all types of curly hair. 

I have a slogan that I deeply believe: "Your curly hair does not need to be 'fixed' - it needs to be EMBRACED" - Scott Musgrave

       If you are searching for help to develop a routine to use for the rest of your life that will give you sexy, professional and beautiful hair - then I invite you to check out the info here for this video based online course. 

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I look forward to meeting you online and for you to be the next person that EMBRACES their hair. 

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Here is what comes with your course:


This is a handout that every client gets to take home as a reminder of what they learned with me - and YOU get one to download. It is very much like a recipe of how to do your hair. I recommend laminating it or putting it in a sheet protector to protect it as you Cultivate Your Curls by learning The MAP Method. 

Video Course

There are Practical Videos and Application Videos for each module that explains the whole process of learning The MAP Method - step by step - as if I am right there with you guiding you through the process. 

This is where you finally get me as your personal hair stylist to help you develop your routine. 

You have access to the course for life and you can view it as many times as you want. 

Bonus Videos & Comments

Over time I will add valuable content that relates to your course. As new things are learned and experimented with I will put them in and you will get noticed via email. 
You will be able to comment and respond to videos and I will come in to help out as needed to assist you in your journey to EMBRACE your hair. 

"Your curly hair does not need to be 'fixed' - it needs to be EMBRACED!" - Scott Musgrave (click on the video below)


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Founder: Curly Hair Artistry

After years of teaching my clients how to apply products and coming up with unique cutting & product applications, I started Curly Hair Artistry to help other hair stylists all over the globe to incorporate my methods with great success. is where you can find a "Stylist Locator" at the top of the page to see if a hair stylist that speicailizes in curly hair is near you. 

How can I help you?

This is the first question I ask each person that sits in my studio everyday. Each 'after' photo was done by my client as I guided them through the process. I did not do their hair! You can learn this process the same way with me guiding you through each video.

Frizz & Dry Hair

Most people are frustrated with how dry their hair is and the frizz that developes throughout the day. This photo is the most pinned picture on my Pinterest account. 

There is help! 

You have been mis-informed and mis-treated! My course is designed to inform you correctly and restore dignity of what your are born with by treating you with respect and to help you EMBRACE your wavy/curly hair. Leslie sends me updated emails of how her hair looks based on what she has learned from The MAP Method. 

"Your journey to embrace your hair starts here. If you have wavy and curly hair (as seen from an online search about curl types of 2b-3b) and you are tired of using products that just accumulate under your sink and have wasted time and money on things that just do not work then you are in the right place to FINALLY learn how to manage your hair and learn a routine that gives you predictable results in about one months time of practice. "

Scott Musgrave
Creator of The MAP Method

This is your chance to EMBRACE your wavy/curly hair!

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Here is your chance to EMBRACE your hair. Purchase The MAP Method video course here!

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Cultivate Success Photos

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