Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program (CHAMP)


This online course is designed to take your business to another level as a Curly Hair Artist/Specialist. If you are new - or a seasoned Pro to this niche - you will learn all you need to know with helping your wavy/curly hair clients to have beautiful hair. We are non-brand based and use a variety of concepts to achieve excellent results that will build your business in a way that you will love. 

Cubist Curl Cutting

This unique method of cutting wavy & curly hair will work with your current system of cutting - or - even as a totally new way of cutting that can stand by itself to enhance and bring out the best features of your clients hair. 

This is an intuitive method of cutting wavy/curly hair that is not related to any other system or brand based way of cutting. 

The MAP Method

The MagiCurly Application Process (The MAP Method) is a specialized product application that as a hairstylist you learn to guide your client through the application - that's right, your client learns how to do their hair for the first time in their life and they will tell the world about how YOU helped them to achieve this! 

Intuitive Brand Building

Each stylist or salon has a vision that we teach you to define and then tell the world about. This area of speciality is so unique that we have helped stylists around the world to work beyond their comfort zones to develop and express - with total confidence - what is needed to get clients in your chair that will LOVE what you are doing and they are a delight to professionally work with. 

Online course is open year round - start up now and have access as soon as you purchase the course. 

This online course is focusing on quality over quantity and the time it takes to guide you with this content has an emphasis on YOU for helping you to get certified with each area of 1) Cubist Curl Cutting & 2) The MAP Method. If you choose to learn the content without getting certified that is a choice you have as well, as some hairstylists want the education without certification. You will be asked to show your work in photo and video form for certification. 

We even have our own community to share photos, get critiqued and ask or share professional guidance to serve you personally in this course. 

This course has helped seasoned curly hair specialists AND new stylists wanting to enter into this wonderful niche based field of speciality. 

Cultivate Your Curls & Curly Hair Artistry = DEMAND! 

With people around the world learning how to Cultivate Your Curls with Scott's first online course for consumers & clients - there is a growing demand for Professional Stylists who can execute The MAP Method and Cubist Cutting. 

Please read the FULL check out page for this course.

This course is a solid investment with content that has changed the lives professionally and personally for many hairstylists and we want the same for YOU. If you have been to a previous training with CHA this content goes a bit deeper and reveals more in that we have time to connect as a community and the course can be viewed as many times as you need and it is for LIFE. Click the button below to read the check out page. We will add new content over time as needed to help you achieve areas of success based on what you desire and need.


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