Live Trainings

We specialize in 2 & 3 day live training events. 

The 2 Day Live Training is called a Cornerstone Course to include methods and techniques for cutting wavy/curly hair, product applications and business building strategies taught by one or all of our Leadership Team, as well as, others that are hosting the event. This is a smaller event with a focused theme to help you achieve your vision & business goals. 

The 3 Day Live Training is called a Spring, Fall or International Symposium to include our Leadership Team and other artists teaching their methods. We invite manufactures to share their vision.  Coverage of The MAP product application, business strategies and pricing your new service experience. Each Symposium has a theme and is different every time. These events are larger in participation and a great way to collaborate with others in our community. 

Customized local, regional and global trainings are available on request and can be organized to fit your needs - contact us and we will be happy to create a unique training catered just for you.

NOTE: You can attend any of our trainings - it is up to you as to wanting a smaller intimate event (Cornerstone) or a larger class size (Symposium). The Cornerstone is focused with one area of interest and the Symposium offers more options with a variety of interests. You will experience different learning experiences at both events.