Welcome to our Resource Page!

This page is for you to find highly reliable resources & affiliate links to some of the products, brands and resources that have helped build our businesses to stand out as a Specialist & Artist. 

We get asked about what has worked for us and over time we have built trust - very much like Consumer Reports has with recommending resources - that we believe in - and has also worked for thousands of other people. 

Social Media

If you want to stay up with what we are doing on Social Media - scroll down  below to the bottom of this page to get links to see some visuals that will amaze you in wondering with how we are taking over the globe with a unique vision that works for anyone who participates in our trainings. 

Manufacture Collaborations

The use of products is key to working with wavy/curly hair and we support these manufactures for their use of excellent ingredients, unique vision and customer care. Here is an affiliate link to many of the products our clients use and love:

List of Products

Books & Items That You Need for Success

Business and Marketing that make business fun and easier for you to create and differentiate your brand as a Curly Hair Artist. 

Marketing and Brand Resources

Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method

This is an online course created by Scott Musgrave (Founder of Curly Hair Artistry) that you watch videos when you want, as many times as you want and for LIFE. Also you can opt it to get in on our private Facebook group with hundreds of people of curl from around the globe that are finally learning how to embrace their wavy/curl hair. While this course is mainly for clients and consumers - many hair stylists are also taking this to see and learn how to work with their clients hair. 

Click her for more info!

Curly Hair Artistry Live Trainings

Every year we put on a Spring Symposium in Rockville MD (near DC) and other live trainings that can be at a unique locations. These Symposiums are advanced in nature and have a variety of artists sharing their business models of success with you. We work with live models that we learn product applications and cutting techniques that will dramatically increase your work as a Specialist/Artrist.

Live Training info - click here

Looking for a Curly Hair Artist?

Each person that trains with Curly Hair Artistry takes the years of experience they have and combines it to make and create their own form of artistry. We recommend you look at their social media presence, look at their work to see what they do best and specialize in and contact them for any questions and concerns you may have.

Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program

This online course covers all you need to know to build a curly hair business. The MAP Method, Cubist Curl Cutting and Brand Building are all covered with videos and a private Facebook group that I personally guide you to achieve success as a Specialist. You can watch them as many times as you want and you have lifetime access.



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