2018 Curly Hair Artistry: Artist & Educator Of The Year!

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2018

Every year Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) recognizes 2 Artists in our community (Artist of the year & Educator of the year) that expresses our values, beliefs and actions to include:

  • Positivity.
  • Community participation with Teaching & Sharing not only in and with CHA but within their own communities. 
  • Expressing thoughts, ideas and experiences of what they learn to our community to include our private Facebook group,  participation in our live trainings that we put on with Symposiums and Cornerstone Course and a desire to help, encourage and support other stylists and the clients that sit in their chair daily.
  •  How they are using and being represeted in their social media platforms. 

We (the CHA Core Team) are proud to announce Artist of the year to Saulo O'Deorain (Website) & @thecurlylookdublin (Instagram). 

Saulo is a passionate curly hair specialist in Dublin Ireland that has a heart of kindness, passion and a sincere desire to help his clients and other stylists to become the best they can. His growth as a stylist and a teacher is driving his mission to make a difference not only in Europe but globally as well. 


Educator of the year - this is a recognition of a stylist that represents all of the above requirements & values and exceeds them with sharing, teaching and taking what they learn to expand them to a new perspective and The CHA Core Team has selected Debbie Burns (Website) & @curlboutiqueme (Instagram). 


Debbie is always open to sharing and teaching others her form of Artistry or just helping out in anyway she can at our events that has made a wonderful impact with the stylists that participate with us. 

If you are considering attending our events - please know that they are non-brand based, high participation and we are fully supportive of helping you develop your business to achieve new levels of success that is totally different than anything in our industry. 

If you are a Hairstylist looking for more information on our training click here or click on the sign up box at the end of this blog. 

Congratulations to you Saulo for Artist Of The Year and to you Debbie for Educator Of The Year! We all truly appreciate your excellence in helping and serving those of us that are around you in our trainings, as well as, messages, calls and our overall business that makes doing what we do a pleasure and joy. 


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