2024 Curly Hair Artistry Live Trainings

Hello everyone - Happy New Year to you and your family!

1) - I wanted to share with you how excited I am to start discussing ideas for what this year and it's more about you than your hair - but BOTH are important. 

In my studio and out in my circles I hear so many stories of how learning to embrace, manage and love your hair and that it also impacts your esteem and dignity to start taking care of yourself in other ways - like going for walks, changing your diet and food choices, taking a faith step in starting a new job or becoming an entrepreneur..even cold plunges (I have been doing plunges in a cold tank now for four years and love it) and MORE. 

I have a question for you:

Has learning to love, embrace and manage your hair impacted you in other areas of life as well? 

If so, we need to hear more of these stories and I would love to interview you for our blog, social media and/or YouTube channel (Curly Hair Artistry)....reply back to this email and let me...

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