Curly Hair Artistry - April update

Good day everyone!

For the first time in over 3 years I have added more content to the Curly Hair Artistry YouTube Channel with How to Find a Curly Hair Specialist - How to Become a Curly Hair Specialist and Curly Hair Oils? PLEASE subscribe and like the videos as this helps with the algorithm and spreads the word for helping others with this information - I will add 2 videos/week coming up with all types of information, interviews and recommendations for products - HERE

The video about if oils on hair work includes a couple for the scalp as well - I have some Amazon Affiliate links to try them out - and thank you for supporting CHA as we are NOT brand supported - HERE is link to that video and the links are in the about section of that video - they are fun to use. 

The upcoming Training in California is closed and we are on for it! 

We have 2 spots open for the Maine training and it will be a sell out soon - click HERE if you want to get one of the spots! 

Today was...

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