Curly Hair Artistry - April update

Good day everyone!

For the first time in over 3 years I have added more content to the Curly Hair Artistry YouTube Channel with How to Find a Curly Hair Specialist - How to Become a Curly Hair Specialist and Curly Hair Oils? PLEASE subscribe and like the videos as this helps with the algorithm and spreads the word for helping others with this information - I will add 2 videos/week coming up with all types of information, interviews and recommendations for products - HERE

The video about if oils on hair work includes a couple for the scalp as well - I have some Amazon Affiliate links to try them out - and thank you for supporting CHA as we are NOT brand supported - HERE is link to that video and the links are in the about section of that video - they are fun to use. 

The upcoming Training in California is closed and we are on for it! 

We have 2 spots open for the Maine training and it will be a sell out soon - click HERE if you want to get one of the spots! 

Today was Eclipse Day and a friend of ours Amy in Cultivate Your Curls added this photo to our community and look at the dappled shade effect of crescents in the shadow of her curls during the eclipse - amazing and how fun! 

Curly Hair Artistry was recently mentioned in an article for being one of 60 top blogs for curly hair - we are #29 - check out the article HERE - and we thank you for selecting us! 

We are reaching stylists from all over the world with recent new members from Sweden, Russia and the good ole USA - thank you and welcome to the BEST training to help you in your business as a curly hair specialist. 

We have more to share in an upcoming email - so, keep an eye out for it.

For now, 
Curly Hair Artistry 

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