2023 Curly Hair Artistry Live Trainings

Hello everyone,

CHA has 2 trainings to let you know about this year 2023...so far. 

If you read this blog and you are not a stylist - we recommend forwarding this article to a stylist you would like to let them know about this training.  

#1) We have Maine Live Training open for July 23-25 with Sunday & Monday 9-5pm and Tue the 25th 9-12 at Soca Maine with Curl Boutique hosting at their beautiful 1800's Victorian House/salon. 

#2) Next up is Denver Colorado on Sept 17-19 with the same format & hours with the location at Devana Salon

CHA is one of the few trainings that offers live models to work on, product knowledge along with The MAP Method of applying products and custom Cubist Cutting with a focus on wavy and curly hair. The Tuesday session is putting it all together with helping you how to implement this material and business ideas that will raise your prices and impact your community with this unique approach to being a curly hair specialist. 

CLICK HERE FOR SIGNING UP for Maine Training. 

CLICK HERE FOR SIGNING UP with Denver Colorado training. 

2023 is the tenth year we have been teaching hairstylist the art, craft and business of working with curly hair. 

These trainings have changed many hairstylists lives with becoming the best curly hair specialists in their region. We have our own Stylist Locator in that we recommend stylists based on their proficiency and expertise that have trained with us so far (all around the globe). 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will help you out as soon as I can. 

For now, 
Curly Hair Artistry 



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