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Uncategorized Apr 02, 2020

Good day, 

I was writing out some ideas in my journal of a few things that have helped me - and others - from my experience with Curly Hair Artistry, as well as, Cultivate Your Curls. If you are in our Facebook community go watch the FB Live I did earlier today as it covered around 6 topics that are addressed here as well:

1) Routine & Systems - reduce fear and anxiety. When you do not know what to do, learning a system reduces that anxiety to gain knowledge. 

2) Practice - when you learn (for example) The MAP Method you learn a system to PRACTICE and over time (like a 30 day challenge) you learn to make something work for you. 

3) Guide through frustration - the beauty of our community is seeing a lot of success stories and recommendations - but what helps us the most is someone posting something they are frustrated with and we guide you through it. Many businesses frown upon frustrations - we in our community welcome it!

4) Its better than you think - this is huge. You can think something is not great and post about it as a frustration and others come in and share how awesome it looks = its better than you think. Ever get a genuine compliment from a stranger when you think your hair doesn’t look nice? It changes YOUR perspective. 

5) Celebrate small wins - how often we focus on negativity and find things to criticize so often that this mentality can become a part of who we are. I discussed GRATITUDE and being thankful for small wins and over time I noticed - unconsciously - that my perspective has permanently changed to be grateful for things instead of bicker about it. 

6) Compliment and Encourage each other - I see daily affirmations of encouragement and how this impacts others when needed. 

All of these added up to take what time you have NOW and do something to help your own community become a better place. 

When this CoronaCrap ends - and it will...what will be different with you?

Did you watch a lot of Netflix - eat more food - find Meme’s to laugh about - watch so much news that your nervous system is on autopilot at 3 am with worry and you can not sleep so you numb out during the day. 

OR - are you learning something new, helping others, serving in some way, making connections, eating at least one healthy meal, go for walks, do some yoga or work on a new idea for a business so that when this is done you have something that contributes to you and your family and choses to serve others and not numb out on Tiger King? 

Cultivate Your Curls gives many people three things: more esteem, dignity and confidence. What will you do with them today

I am serving others for free - helping them to create an online business or working on a course or training or eBook - that when things shift here soon....and it WILL shift soon, they will be prepared for the next opportunity. 

Being an Entrepreneur has been the BEST personal development system I have ever been apart of - as you have to believe and act from your heart with what you are passionate about - that is to walk your talk. 

With everything - we have Time, Energy and Focus - those three elements will make you or break you. 

I can not cut hair in North Carolina until 4/30/2020 as of now and I have over a month with being out of work in my area til end of April - so, my time, energy and focus is on serving others, my family and my health. 

What can I help you with so that your time, energy and focus is centered on the six areas that have helped others? 

If you are interested in creating your own online business check out this platform that gives you so many creative outlets called - click here KAJABI  - and I give you 30 days of free mentoring if you want it to get you going faster. 

For now, 
Scott Musgrave

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