Moving through Coronavirus by reducing fear and anxiety


Good day everyone, 

My local government here in North Carolina has closed hair salons until April 30 - along with nail salons and other service orientated small businesses. 

Hair salons are offering mini kits of hair color that you can do at home or retail packages to pick up at the curb as they will bring it out to you. 

For me - I encourage you to purchase Cultivate Your Curls online courseHERE and if you need products or tools - that are used by many with success - to look over this list from Amazon that have worked well with others around the globe - and they will work for you where you are atHERE. OrHERE for more info. 

During times like this - I have got requests to help others that are starting their own online business by doing what I have done and am doing now. So if you contemplating the start of sharing your own knowledge with others I have a mentoring program that is free for 30 days to get you going on this when you sign up for Kajabi as your platform for helping you with putting out your own content, online course and moreHERE

With people being led to stay inside, maintain boundaries of distance from each other and rely on new ways to create income I have been able to serve others around the globe to help them to solve problems, lead them to new options and build communities of support....and so can you. 

We can maintain a sense of calm, find creative outlets and serve others to make it through this time of uncertainty. 

Most of you know me through working with curly hair - well, there is more to what I do and offer that goes beyond curly hair as it has been a fantastic venue to reach people with a message that I have all over the place of: “You do not need to fix your hair, you need to learn to embrace what you already have.” 

I have taken that further with: “You do not need to fix yourself - you need to learn to embrace more of who you already are.”

There is and will be nothing wrong with you. 

What can get in the way?

Fear and anxiety come about with not knowing what to do at times like this. What reduces fear and anxiety?

Fear and anxiety are reduced by learning what TO DO. When you learn a system of working a certain way this gives you confidence. This is why I teach how to embrace your hair with a system I created called Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method. People gain beautiful hair and more so they gain dignity, confidence and esteem as this is more than hair - its learning how to live life. 

Hairstylists have created a specialty by working exclusively with curly hair through our live trainings with Curly Hair Artistry, as well as, through my online course calledCHAMP (check out the link). 

If you are experiencing overwhelm, fear or anxiety - the best thing I have seen to do is reach out to others you know and ask for help. There is always a way to work through an issue with a system that is waiting for you to discover. 

I have worked with insurance agents, relators, coaches, entrepreneurs, therapists, fitness trainers and more - all wanting to share their knowledge in a system to help others find clarity and support in their niche and this has reduced fear and anxiety on many levels. 

Finally, know that thoughts and prayers are being sent to you. I have personally seen prayers answered - many times in ways that I did not ask for or intended on happening - with most being way more than I ever thought possible. 

I will send out an email soon of going Live on Facebook to address these concepts and see if I can serve you along the way of moving through this time of opportunity that many of you are already considering. 

For now, 
Scott Musgrave: Founder of Curly Hair Artistry
Team CHA


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