goals habits values Apr 11, 2022

I hope this article inspires you in the progress of your vision, habits and goals - but first we need to focus on what is important - and that is establishing VALUES. 

For my new vision - I had to create new values (not goals or habits as they are the potential end result that may or may not happen but values are the strongest factor in the process of transformation) - so, I created values of who I wanted to be with the desire to live them out no matter what.    

Living with values of who you are not currently living from will create discomfort or uncertainty - these unfamiliar values form of positive energy that can be misinterpreted as 'negative' and they need to be expressed and released vs suppressed and held onto.    

This ‘energy’ has to be released with exercise, mediation and writing or creating.

These actions lead to habits of who you are not yet and this is why it is huge to create values more so than goals - as the habits start to fall into place will lead to goals - as without the habits and goals you feel as though you have no purpose or direction or both.    

Thing is - it takes time to live with the values of who you want to be and for them to become a NEW part of who you are….but its so worth it.

I am just now - again - setting new values to live from and its not easy but I know with maturity and wisdom that its a blessing and I am grateful for the ability to even set new values to live from as others can not, will not or do not have the environmental conditions to allow it to be.    

You are blessed to do so. 

Curly Hair Artistry helps people to set up and establish values - if you are stuck - just let us know.   

I hope this inspires you in the progress on what is important to you.   

For now, 
Curly Hair Artistry     

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