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curly hair artistry Apr 16, 2016

For the year 2015 we voted and the results are in: 


Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) is a non brand based group of curly hair specialists from all over the globe. We meet daily in a private Facebook page dedicated to expanding the craft and artistry of helping our clients to embrace their naturally curly hair.

We focus on Art, Methods & Techniques and the Business of working with all forms of waves, coils and curly hair (of which we will simply call ‘curly hair’) and many consider us the industry leaders of advanced education with a focus exclusively on curly hair.

Each year members of Curly Hair Artistry are asked to share their favorite and best selling products into a collective pool that is tallied up for an overall “Best of CHA 2015”.

We are free to explore and try out large, micro & independent manufactures that create products for all hair types that we use with an emphasis on curly hair. Some manufactures have just one product, while others have a whole line. Our requirements are simple – they have to work and work really well.

What separates many manufactures from others in our industry is that for them to work best on curly hair they must be Water Soluble (no silicones or excessive use of oils & other parabens) and not have harsh lathering agents – so there is a lot of work in trying out products on ourselves first, researching the ingredients, talking personally with the manufactures (as best as we can) and then taking them to the salon and using them on our clients – along with getting feedback from them as well because our clients know best what works for them with our guidance.

We use an effective system of working with products on our clients that is unique to our group in that we cleanse the scalp – most times not the hair (Cleanser/Shampoo) , condition the hair (Hydrate/Conditioner), then we Fill in the hair (in place of silicone we use a water soluble Filler) and finish with a styler that is Sealing to hold everything in (Sealer). This vocabulary helps in teaching what we do as stylists and also helps our clients understand how to work best with different types of porosity, density and curl textures.

When you ask me online what product to use on your hair – it is not that easy. As established above – it requires a look & feel of your strands to prescribe what is best for your curls.

I (Scott Musgrave) have collected the results of our group participation and offer you the following results of what we call The Best of Curly Hair Artistry 2015:

Click on the products name for a direct link for more information.

Best Cleanser/Shampoo: (Most stylists cleanse the scalp and not the hair – as we use water soluble products without silicones or excessive oil based products that can coat the hair – therefor the emphasis is cleansing the scalp more so than the hair as water soluble products are removed with water alone. Occasional cleansing of the hair is encouraged to maintain balance if needed with sulphate free cleansers. Your scalp and hair will reflect what is needed and we provide options that are best as recommended by your Curly Hair Stylist).

1) Innersense Color Awakening Shampoo is a wonderful low lather agent safe for all hair types. No fragrance and yet has a wonderful orange smell that comes from essential oils.

2) Long Hair Don’t Care is new on the scene and is a Co-Wash cleanser/conditioner that is hand made by Al Rodriguez – this has a delightful mint aroma along with a minty feel on the scalp and is a wonderful option for a no lather scalp cleanser along with this being one to use as a conditioner.

Honorable Mention: Raw Curls Cleanser

Best Hydrate/Conditioner: (Hydration is mandatory for frizz to become curls and maintains softness when hair is dry).

1) Innersense Color Radiance Conditioner

2) Deva One Conditioner

Best Filler: (A Filler is a low hold agent that fills in the porosity of the hair and along with application methods reduces frizz – of which many use The MAP Method of product application in CHA).

1) Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control is a creamer consistency that is concentrated – a little goes a long way.

2) Deva Frizz Free Volumizing Foam – pump the product and foam comes out -when you rub it in your hands (we call this ‘creaming’) it will become creamy and makes for a wonderful Filler (especially on Wavy Hair). Learning then how to Seal it up requires assistance from your Curly Hair Specialist to help you.

Best Sealer: (A Sealer is a holding agent that helps maintain the Hydration & Filler that keeps integrity of a curl formation and reduces frizz).
1) Innersense iHold Gel is a unique gel that is concentrated and works best with additional water by using a spray bottle. A little goes a long way.

2) Deva Ultra Defining Gel

Honorable Mention – Raw Curls Firm Hold Gel

Best Oil:
1) Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil

2) Jessicurl Oil Blend

Oils can be used with care on scalp, skin, hands and on day 2-4 hair.

Best Business Book:

1) The Go-Giver by Bob Burg

2) Worth Every Penny by Sarah Petty

We read many books through out the year – and have one at each Symposium educational even we do and these books both contributed to out business growth.

Best Education:

1) Curly Hair Artistry Fall Symposium in NH – Merlin’s Salon

2) Curly Hair Artistry Spring Symposium in Rockville MD – Oasis Salon

Honorable Mention – Deva Certification

Product of the year:

Long Hair Don’t Care (link is already given above) – Al Rodriguez hand makes this co-wash (conditioner cleanser) and I prefer a double mint version that he personally makes for me. Many have used this to cleanse the scalp and run through the hair to prep for hydration removing tangles. There is a mini bottle as well for travel.

Congrats to you Al! We love your one and only product!

2) Deva Super Cream

Manufacture of the year:

Innersense (link is in products mentioned already) – Many have loved meeting Greg and Joanne Starkman of Innersense through out the year in person or by phone. Their products have an excellent rating if you use the Think Dirty App that you can scan a product and learn about its level of toxicity of which Innersense is one of the cleanest.
One of the reasons stylist use Innersense is that you can use it on straight hair, thin hair, curly hair, coils, waves – all hair types can benefit from their products and we just happen to love them on our own curls.
Another reason many prefer this brand is how they market and inform their consumers and stylists with upbeat positive information that actually works. Many will make many claims with their products but Innersense delivers.

Congrats to Innersense!

Curly Hair Artist of the Year 2015:

The Curly Hair Artistry Artist of The Year is someone who has contributed to CHA with their passion, energy and sharing on our private Facebook Page, as well as, private messages, phone calls, teaching sessions at Symposiums, contributing to blogs, helping manufactures to create unique ways of using their products and mentoring new generations of stylists in her salon leaving a trail of excellence where ever she goes.
Working with all curl types from wavy to coils – men, women & children and all cultural backgrounds who has shown a level of professionalism that has gained her the world wide recognition of being one of 15 of the Worlds Best Curly Hair Stylists as well as this years honor of being CHA Artist of the year – so it is with great pleasure and respect that we say thank you and congratulations to Robin Sjoblom of Southern-Curl in Atlanta.

I have personally gained so much knowledge from Robin. Her level of passion and care for her friends, family and clients is infectious and we appreciate all you have dome from helping out with the very first Curly Hair Artistry Symposium in Atlanta (2013) to sharing CHA with the world in your blog, articles that you have contributed to and your clients.


Honorable mentions for CHA Artist of The Year:

1) Kelly Anker

2) Yukiko Taylor

3) Ron Suriano

4) Brianne McCoy-Prince

If you are a hair stylist interested in upcoming training or just to see what Curly Hair Artistry is about – sign up here for more information.

We look forward to 2016 with working with Hair Stylist, Manufactures and our Clients to advance their knowledge of working with all forms of curly hair.

Scott Musgrave : Founder Curly Hair Artistry

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