Curly Hair Artistry Mastermind is now OPEN

Hello everyone.

I am very excited to finally open up an invitation to you for a special community that is all about helping you & each other to progress to whatever dream, vision, goal you may have. The one thing we have in common is that we all have wavy/curly hair....and that is what makes this fun and super special to us. 

We are starting out humble and small with this first group through creating & learning along the way together - as what I am doing with this community is based on what I have learned and applied over the years - this is a dream of mine and through much prayer/thought it is what I am doing that is a risk, adventure and vision to serve others with. It takes planning, faith and experience to step out and this is what I want for you to do and support, encourage, inspire and guide you along the way.

I will be the first to admit and be up front & open from the start here....I do not know everything and that is why we need each other - as in community we can make things happen for each other. You will progress in community much more than staying stuck in isolation. 

I am a high introvert and need accountability as I am personally exhausted with trying to do everything on my own - or, be in my head so much from over-thinking that I can procrastinate on what I need to do. This is why I personally need community - to stay on track, be accountable and I also do not like waking up each day knowing I can help another person but do not do so based on something I manufacture in my head (and find out over time that it is just not true). 

Come to find out many others feel this way no matter if you are introverted or extroverted....we need each others strength, wisdom, perspective and insights. 

Here is the pdf about what we are doing: 
Download now
This is the document that I have shared with you in previous emails about what we are doing. If you have not seen it - look it over. If you have any questions let me know. 

If you are ready - please sign up with this link by using your email that is best to reach you with as we progress with this community. You will receive updates and set things up in our community that is based on the email you check often. 

We will be just starting out together - the content will be added based on what YOU need assistance with, what others want to discuss and how we can guide each other. One thing is that I will not assume what you need or want and build something you do not need - this is based on building our community on what you, content will be added over time. 

Also, if you want to observe and learn in the background that is fine - we do hope that you and others will be engaged and participate as much or as often as you want. There is no pressure on your end to perform anything or show anything - its a place to learn and grow at your own pace. 

You will get links to the Community feature which is something like Facebook (but we are not on FB) and also what I am calling the Portal feature - where additional content is added over time based on what is needed - these are 2 separate features in one package as some may just want a Community and others may want content....and others like myself want both. 

Also, give yourself a bit of time to acclimate yourself once you get in - its small now and only a few buttons to push to check out - so, its easy now to navigate and add things for now. 

Finally, I ask  those that really want this to commit to a year - as that is when you see a difference. If you choose to opt out earlier than that, I can stop your monthly payment at any time. 

Again - here is the LINK for signing up.

For now, 
Curly Hair Artistry






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