Curly Hair Artistry 2022 Trainings & More

Welcome to Curly Hair Artistry! 

2021 has been a year of coming back into being who we are designed to be with personal and professional growth that took participants to the next level. 

CHA had 2 wonderful trainings in Rockville MD and Denver CO.

Denver CO

Rockville MD

Being with stylists around the USA was fantastic in learning from each other, seeing stylists get new ideas to impact their communities and for Team CHA (Debbie Miller, Wafaya Abdullah and Scott Musgrave) get ideas to impact the future of their business and Curly Hair Artistry for future growth. 

#1) Starting Mid-January 2022 there will be a formation of a Mastermind Groupwith online meet ups and content delivered to your box on a monthly basis with two CHA’ts (Curly Hair Artistry’ talks) with the intention of helping you (and each other) to reach more of your personal and professional goals in and out of the salon. This has been one of the most requested features as its not all about cutting hair, ingredients or what product to use….its more about YOU and your growth to achieve more in life besides working behind the chair. 

We will interview other people (who all coincidentally have wavy/curly hair) and find out what they did to achieve success in their field of passion and calling. 

We have met so many interesting people that share their journey with us and in the end we wish we filmed it and shared it with others….so, we are doing this starting Mid-January 2022. 

There will be a REDUCED monthly fee for first timers who join in and when the doors open up again it will go to the next level fee of which your fee will stay the same as long as you remain a member. 

Again - this will be a Mastermind Group of like minded professional people - centered around having curly hair but not all about curly hair cutting or products - sharing ideas, lifestyle experiences and growth to help you achieve your dream, vision and goal.

Every group we have been apart of - most of the participants have said that this content and how we are serving others should be FOR EVERYONE - as people in other venues and ventures can benefit from learning what we are sharing. 

If you are looking for a NON FACEBOOK COMMUNITY to be apart of - Now is the time! This will all be on Zoom type calls or in a course outline that you will have access to with recordings and content for you….NOT on Facebook. 

QUESTIONS - What would YOU like to learn more about that can help you achieve a new level of business? Where would you like to personally grow more? How can we inspire, encourage and provide strategies, concepts and brainstorm along with you to finally get out of that funk and into your purpose to achieve what you are going for in life? Hit the reply back button on this email and let us know your thoughts, ideas and questions. 

More information to come with an invite to start up coming next in your email box on Monday Dec. 20. 

#2) 2022 Live Trainings - there are a few salons willing to host with dates coming up as we confirm them this week. Which one do you want to attend?

- April in Rockville MD
- June/July in San Diego CA
- August in Portland Maine (new location and salon with Curl Boutique)

We are confirming dates and will send out an email coming up - we just want to get your feedback on where you would like to go for your advanced trainings in 2022? 

We will send another email next week confirming some of these dates for you. 

We are excited for what is going on and for 2022 to be the best year yet for you, your business and overall well being. 

If you found this email helpful and are not a hairstylist - please share it with your hairstylists or other stylists interested in learning more about working with all forms of curly hair. 

For now, 
Team: Curly Hair Artistry 

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