Curly Hair Artistry - What Makes Us Unique?

One thing I have noticed in our industry that is different and determines the success of your business is not being considered much and that is the power and voice of your client. 

For people with wavy/curly hair - the 'consumer' - the 'client' - is over-riding our industry with knowing how to work with their hair. Yup - read that one again. 

There are so many communities, website forums, Facebook groups/pages, Instagram influencers and local meet ups that have been created and perfected based on one thing: LACK OF SERVICE & HELP FOR WHAT THEY DESIRE. 

Lack of service to help and serve them has driven the desire for help and shifted this from hairstylist/salon to EACH OTHER. 

Let me explain a bit - I noticed that I was learning EVERYDAY a lot of great tips from my clients that sat in my chair. I noticed that other stylists - that did this as well - had a deep passion for serving and assisting others that was different than brand based knowledge or from the directions on the back label of a product bottle. 

The level of humility needed to learn from others was high.

The ego of control & not listening to our clients was thrown out the door. 

There is an art to learning about a variety of products and HOW to apply them.

Learning a one brand based way is easy - it is more challenging to mix, match and create a unique application process based on the variety of clients that sit in your chair. 

I started Curly Hair Artistry based on the fact that hairstylists need a non-brand based approach to the art, method/techniques and business of personal brand building for stylists that want to specialize in all forms of curly hair. I now help other stylists and salons outside of the curly hair niche to do the same thing (and even outside of our industry in other arena's). 

If you put your heart and soul into one brand - you just might be disappointed or let down and I wanted to create a training to help stylists build up their own brand - and learn to bring that power and strength INTO a brand - and if that brand or salon or manufacture fails you - YOU are still strong and powerful.

You do not depend on a rely & develop and depend on YOU. 

This is just not about hair - its about your personal strength, dignity and confidence to drive your business to new levels. 

People have fear

Fear exists without systems or guidance. So, if you feel alone, fearful and vulnerable without direction you will fall into resignation and stagnation and loose passion. 

You can shift lack of passion and change it....with a system to guide you toward new levels of service experiences that separates you from the pack - creating differentiation that clients are looking for. 

What makes us unique is that there is a high level of trust in what we do because we are not guided by marketing dollars from brands or manufactures.

We do have to use products to achieve our results so CHA does accept sponsorships of lunches and shipment of products to use during our events - and this leads to more sales for them. We want to develop relationships with manufactures that we love and trust to give our clients superior results. 

We guide you to what is the best available education that helps you expand your craft into a level of intuitive artistry that impacts not only your business but your life as well. 

CHA is known for helping you with application of products that is not just a one brand method but multiple approaches without being influenced or pressured into a sales pitch - as its about method and techniques that differentiates your service experience. 

Our training is about real world experience that you can duplicate when guided and supported through follow up mentoring - this is what differentiates us from many others.

We have some wonderful resources that inspire us to redefine what is being done in our industry. 

All of this is unique in that it is totally about you and your heart, soul, time & energy being developed to make a difference in your brand...not anyone else's brand. 

Clients that search us out can tell a difference.

They communicate this to their communities - and in reviews and testimonies - of what we do. Again - we do not 'fix' their hair, we teach them to EMBRACE their hair. 

There is a level of comfort and assurance when a client sits in the chair of a Curly Hair Artistry specialist. 

Dont get me wrong - we recommend other brands, we point out other trainings to take - its all good and will impact your skills and business. I think its mandatory really as I pursue training myself.

If you ever read Consumer Reports then you realize that you can make choices of what to use, where to go and how to do things and we suggest and offer guidance with care and a passion for your benefit. We do not bash what is not working or is not up to our values but we do promote those that do. 

What makes us different is that we help build who you are more so than a brand shaping you who you are.  

Marketing, social media, content, documenting your journey, skills, techniques, products and how to gain awareness for what your doing that relates to not a job...but your purpose. 

Trusting us with your purpose is what sets us apart from others. 

This is more of a lifestyle than a 'job'. 

This is what consumers are doing more so than hairstylists. This is why the curly hair world is driven by consumers more so than hairstylists. This is why I believe this industry is hard to tap into by hairstylist and easier for consumers because the sincere passion of a consumer has over-rides the passion a stylist has for curly hair.

We can not just use a brush, blow it out and flat iron it - this is not working. There is no relation in telling these clients on the phone that you know how to work with curly hair. They will sit in the chair and say nothing and go home and tell the world about how bad the service was. That 'quiet' voice is powerfully strong in a vocal world of social media. 

That voice has killed the desire of a stylist to want to work with curly hair. If you try to 'fix' their hair or 'help' them and you do your best - only for them to go back and tear you up in a bad review? Something is not connecting here. 

Your words of "Yes we all know how to work with curly hair" is not the same for those that come to your salon. You are unintentionally trying to 'fix' their hair as if there is something wrong with it. 

Curly Hair Artistry teaches you how to EMBRACE their hair....not fix it. And this service experience is not being catered to in our industry enough and we are helping to change that model and you are invited to do so as well

I think many of you DO have a sincere desire to help your clients with curly hair but you just do not know how and that is where we come in. 

Its time to learn from our clients - as they consume what is best for them - and Curly Hair Artistry has tapped into taking this desire with a superior service experience and turned this desire into a professional training that makes a difference in the clients world AND for the stylist that takes our training. 

What makes us different is that we listen to our clients and learn from them to create service experiences that cater to their needs and its about time to tell the world about how Curly Hair Artistry is helping hairstylists to do the same.

For more information on Curly Hair Artistry check out our video HERE. This page also has a sign up for email updates that you can also click HERE.

Look over our Stylist Locator (HERE) and go to the websites of these specialist and you will see how we are making a difference all over the globe. 

Finally - what you deserve from CHA is a training that supports you in your business that helps you achieve your personal goals.

If you have a desire to 1) help just one client with curly hair 2) keep doing straight hair and incorporate more curly hair - or (like me and some others) 3) have 100% ONLY curly clientele - we can help you achieve your vision to do so. 

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