Curly Hair Artistry - Artist of the Year & Educator of the Year

Every year Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) recognizes an Artist in our community that expresses our values, beliefs and actions to include:

  • Postivity.
  • Community participation with Teaching & Sharing not only in and with CHA but in their own communities. 
  • Expressing thoughts, ideas and experiences of what they learn to our community to include Facebook group,  live trainings we have of which CHA has 2 Symposiums yearly.
  •  and how they are using and being represeted in their social media platforms. 

We (the CHA Core Leadership Team) have selected 5 Artists and our community has voted from those 5 to pick a 1 winner. 

We are proud to announce that Beverly Turner is Curly Hair Artist of the Year! 

Beverly has a salon (click here) in Sacramento California and has been with CHA since the start up in 2013. She has a loyal following of clients that understand what it takes to be a professional that loves what she does. She has devoted her business life to working with, treating, understanding and communicating her vision with all types of curly hair. 

When I first got my laptop and did a search about 'curly hair' Beverly was one of the top searches 'back in the day' and I have to say I loved everything of what she represented and considered her a brave start up entrepreneur that took the lead with telling the world about her Service Experience. I contacted her and we have been friends ever since. 

Congradulations to you Beverly - we are so proud of all that you are and do. 

Next up is Curly Hair Artistry Educator of the Year. 

If you have been to our events - then you realize we are non-stop with education and participation. We intentionally design our Symposium to overwhelm you in a great way to impact you not only for your business but also for the very essence of who you are as a person - to bring out the best in you....and it works! 

To make each event unique and special, we make them different and by having a theme for each Symposium that represents what we believe in and want to communicate to each participant. 

So it takes a special stylist to be an Educator for our events - you must meet the demand for being unique and be able to communicate and deliver in action your Personal Vision. 

This year - we left the voting up to our community and they voted for CHA Educator of the Year to: 

Ron Surriano of Moisture Salon (click here

Every event we have is run by a team and Ron just threw himself into this ON HIS OWN - and just helped out and contributed to making each event a wonderful experience. Over time he taught, shared and assisted participants to make each event memorable. 

Congradulations Ron! CHA and everyone is grateful for your knowledge and experience that you teach and share with us. 


We do want to acknowledge and appreciate the runner ups in each catagory of: 

Artist of the Year Runner Up - Krista Leavitt (click here for her salon in Canada) - your work and passion are making a huge impact in our industry and it is recognized with our community in how much you share of your own work and through the experiences you have and in how you communicate them - THANK YOU! 

Educator of the Year Runner Up - Allesandra Feminella (click here for her salon info in Brazil). Curly Hair Artistry got a wonderful glimpse into your Artistry at a recent Symposium and it made a difference in the business of those that attended - THANK YOU! 


There is always so much more that can be expressed for each of these Curly Hair Artistry Members, as we provided links to their websites you can see and learn from each of them to come to a realization that they are indeed some of the best in the world when it comes to working with many types of products and all types of wavy, coily and curly hair. 

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