Curly Hair Artistry Mastermind - Founding Member is now OPEN

Good day to you:

Here are a few items that are of interest to our community here in Curly Hair Artistry: 

#1 - We are sold out of Portland Maine AND San Diego California live trainings. 

#2 - I am working on a North Carolina training in October in a quaint small town called Apex, NC - at a fantastic salon - more information to come. 

#3 - MASTERMIND - This is our monthly membership community learning hub = all in ONE for ANYONE with wavy/curly hair to join in on a Founding Member fee. You do not need to be a hairstylist - as I have had others curious about this that can add wonderful experience and feedback for all of us to benefit from. If you have an idea, vision or dream you want to pursue - we are here to get you going. 

There are 2 elements to this membership:

A) We will have meet ups on a Zoom type platform for you to participate in. Some of you want this zoom type feature and some of you want the content Portal to view without engagement - and some of you want both.

I want to make this convenient for you so I want to explain a bit to you. 

We are STARTING UP MONDAY FEBRUARY 21, 2022. I want to clarify a few things of what we will be doing. 
We will be starting out small, which means more attention to what YOU want to accomplish and or work on. I will be interviewing ANYONE who signs up that wants to share what they are working on - once this is recorded it will be put into our Community Portal where we can discuss, help and offer experience in a community format like a Facebook group - but this is NOT Facebook. 

I am going to open up our Platform on (Eastern Time):
- Monday 8-9:30am
- Wednesday 11-1pm or another option is 4pm 
- Sunday 5:30pm  
I will send out a link on those days early enough for you to get the email and join in at that time. 

When you sign up = use an email that you can have access to easily - do not use a lost or outdated email for communication - as I will send you a link to the platform I will be using.

That is one element to the Mastermind Membership - the Zoom type Community Feature. 

B) The other element is for you to use as this as content is added you can leave comments and input or experience on the themes we will address.  You can alsostart a theme that you would like assistance/guidance with and from this I can leave video replies, interview someone and post that in The Portal

I just want you to know that BOTH are significant. You will grow with either one of these opportunities using one or the other or both. Again, I would like to make this as convenient as possible for you - in offering a way for you to get benefits from this membership. It is not all just about the Zoom call (or whatever platform I use for a call) - it is about serving you in multiple ways to impact your dream, vision or goal. 

Trying to run this as a'zoom-call only' is not really possible with people all over the world in different time zones - so, I am going to have it open on those dates and times - as I got feedback on those days and times working for many of you - and I will be available even if 1 or 10 (or more) are able to make it. 
If you want to be in on the live zoom calls - you will have to mark out time to make it. If you can not (or you will not) then you can participate with the Portalwhere you can start threads on what topic you want and over time mark out your schedule to make it to the zoom communications. 

Remember - I would love to record you - one on one - so that I can put that in The Portal for us to help you, have others give input, etc. 

Sign up is HERE at $47/month - PLEASE note when you start on a day - as that is when you will be billed every month on the same day of the month you start up with - ie. if you start up on Feb 21 you will be billed every month on the 21st. 
I will close up the Founding Member price on February 28, 2022. 

PRICE GOES UP IN APRIL - as I will open this up a couple/few times per year. 

ALSO - reminder - you do not need to be a hairstylist - as I have had those that want in for this community that have ideas - AND YOU ARE WELCOME. 
This is about Entrepreneurial Growth AND Personal Development. 

More about the Mastermind is below as a pdf for information on what it is about. 
Download now

NOTICE - You will have the same monthly fee as a Founding Member even as the price will go are in for this fee as a way of saying thank you for helping to initiate this movement. 

I would like to dream with you: I would love to have a LIVE IN PERSON event as a goal with this information that is going out to you AND a few of you even brought this up to me - as YOU desire this as well - so, let's make it happen! If you are up for helping to make this happen, get up with me sometime this year for planning it out. 

Any more questions, ideas or thoughts -email me at: [email protected] 

 I am beyond excited to join up with you in forming this community of like-minded people - that have wavy/curly hair in common - so that we can serve you in making a difference in your personal and professional life. 

Sign up HERE

For now, 
Scott Musgrave: Founder of Curly Hair Artistry 

Finally - have you ever seen the iceberg example of what goes on beneath the surface more so than what others see on top - well, we are going there with creating a community that will impact both areas for you. 


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