My Gift To YOU!


Good day everyone, 

Today (JUNE 1, 2024) is my birthday and I have a gift of anyone that wants Cultivate Your Curls for a special one day price of $62

I am blessed to be able to help others around the world to embrace their wavy/curly hair and to make it more accessible to be at the lowest price for THE BEST course available to help you learn how to manage your hair for the first time in your life. 

Cultivate Your Curls has been taught to thousands of people in my studio and online - and there are MILLIONS more that do not even know this kind of help exists - so to spread the word of my course (which does not take advertising or money from manufactures to influence me or you of what to use, do or say) I ask that you spread this link to others in hopes of helping more to achieve life changing results for their hair. 

Others have taken info from my trainings and created their own trainings - but Cultivate Your Curls is the original - easiest to understand - is not influenced by brands - and has the longest track record of success AND then I encourage you to move on in life to no longer need to go to YouTube, Instagram and other places for help - you get it here and then you can move on to more important things in life along with your beautiful hair. 

You will enjoy getting your photo taken instead of hiding or avoiding photo op's, your esteem will shift to care again about your hair, your confidence will boost knowing your hair is no longer managing you but you can manage your hair. Many have gone on to take up hiking, save more money from not buying products like they used to and even loose weight because they accept and embrace more of who they are once again. The stories I get bring a sense of awe and a tear to my eye for knowing in my heart I serve others well and once you enter into this course you finally 'get it' with knowing how to use products AND what to buy again instead of guessing what to buy or depending on a random influencer or manufacture to persuade you to buy a product based on emotional marketing....YOU WILL BE FREE FROM THESE INFLUENCES. 

Part of this course is a caring and DRAMA FREE Facebook community with wavy/curly people around the world to assist in recommending products or where you may get stuck and its all based on Cultivate Your Curls....not the drama of other places and emotional rants - just solid info based on The MAP Method of which is the foundation of Cultivate Your Curls. 
If you are NOT on Facebook - that is fine - as there are comment and question sections of the course that has direct access to me and I will personally answer them - no bot, AI or a team member....just me. 

Have a blessed day - I will be with friends and family throughout the day and if there is anything I can help you out with just hit the reply button and I will get back to you soon.

The link is available on any of the blue highlighted Cultivate Your Curls or HERE.

For now,
Scott Musgrave
Founder of Curly Hair Artistry
Course Creator of Cultivate Your Curls  






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