Hairstylists & Salons: Do you really work with Curly Hair?

Potential clients call your salon and ask if anyone there knows how to work with curly hair - and you say, "Yes". 

The client gets to the salon and finds out that your trying to FIX their hair - as if there is something wrong with it. Your training in a system to use a chemical to 'loosen the curl', 'get the frizz out' or 'make it easier to work with'...even "this will make it more professional' = are antiquated methods based on a service experience of assuming there is something wrong with their hair. 

There is a NEW client Service Experience of your client searching for HELP to LEARN and EMBRACE their hair. 


These clients are going online and searching for help and discovering people with hair like theirs that looks sexy, beautiful AND professional IN ITS NATURAL STATE and enhanced with proper cutting, shaping & styling using products that make the hair get better over time. 

When they see a salon menu that mentions "curly hair specialist" or "we work with curly hair" - it is somewhat misleading to the New World Client who is looking for an Embracing Service Experience and not the Old World Service Experience of 'fixing' their curls. 

Here is a recent raw and unedited YouTube explanation: CLICK HERE

As a Hairstylist and Salon I think its time to clarify and define our Service Experiences for both clients who want both services. The demand for Embracing Service Experiences are growing, retail for excellent water soluble products (WSP) is growing and exceeding expectations and increasing your exposure and pricing for the service in your area can dramatically increase. 

This is not a fad, trend or quick menu item to add on - it is a timeless service experience that helps people that has such a strong impact to shape and transform a persons life. 

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