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This blog brings you our weekly product update with the theme of Healing and Health. 

One of the most confusing elements of working with wavy & curly hair is moisture and hydration. 

Most manufacturers create a line of products that has a Cosmetic Approach to using ingredients that coat the hair and make it look and feel different. What I have found is that over time this builds up and coats your hair like a Slim-Jim with a plastic type of coating your hair as your hair dries out under the coating. 

The other way manufactures create a line of products uses what I call a Health Based Approach and use ingredients that melt into the hair and restores elasticity, shine and strength to your hair. 

This Health Based Approach takes time to work and involves a system to work properly - and of course we recommend The MAP Method as it starts you out with a 30 day commitment to start the process of embracing your hair and learning to manage your hair for the first time in your life. 

Restoring health to your hair carries over to other areas of your life - we hear stories to back this up as when your hair is healthy it affects other desires in your life to carry that over to what is important to you - so this download has other recommendations to incorporate into your Fitness routine and restoring balance to your body by releasing tension, stress and tightness. 

Also - if you travel - check out the bands we recommend that can fit into any bag that you carry. 

If you are a hairstylist - take note of what is recommended in the download as they really help to reduce tension in our shoulders, feet and back. 

If you are following along with the recommendations - click the document and go to Healingl section:

Download Updated Recommendations

Hair is influenced by 3 main topics:

1) Water Quality
2) Ingredients
3) Environment

Learning to navigate these 3 main topics is discussed in our Facebook community from people all over the world and when you find balance in learning how to navigate these topics you can manage your hair anywhere you go = vacation, business travel and humidity. 

We look forward to hearing how your health, hair and overall perspective of life increases with the resources we recommend and implement over time. 

For now, 
Curly Hair Artistry 

For information about The MAP Method - click HERE

FINALLY - My own journey has been one that affected my esteem and dignity over time to become a curly hair specialist - I love what I do everyday and look forward to helping you to embrace your own hair. 

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