How To Fix Frizzy Hair!

Hairstylists are in a huge industry to choose what to do that have so many paths of opportunity to pursue.  We have options of working in a team based salon, on our own as a booth renter, as an educator or pursue a path in the fashion or entertainment world working on all types of hair. 

If you were to look at our industry as a whole - its global. This is HUGE.  When you start to see the small areas that you can specialize in - and most are NOT seen or heard about as these niches are not found or headlining at Trade Shows. They are not discussed in Cosmetology school. You have to almost ‘accidentally’ find them and once you do you kick yourself for not finding it sooner. 

But there is such a thing as Perfect Timing. 

If you are reading this now - I bet you are sensing this as anticipation stirring for helping you out of boredom, stagnation and even financial debt (as these were mine back in the day). 

This blog deals with the wavy & curly hair niche and when you realize millions of clients are willing to embrace their hair with YOU guiding them in a new way of teaching them about product application and with your new skills of cutting curly hair that was never exposed to you.

With this new skill set you will discover that they will stop trying to FIX their hair with treatments, heat irons and bad products. 

You see, clients want to stop ‘fixing’ their hair with a flat iron, heavy products that build up and dry out the hair over time and stress their hair out with brushes and blow drying it to death. This is what they are taught with how to ‘manage’ their hair at most salons in our industry and at every hair show. It’s where the money is - right? 

Well, there is a huge new opportunity that has been going on and Curly Hair Artistry is apart of this movement but in a new way. 

Over and over - people are EMBRACING their hair - and if YOU do this for a client - you will forever be ingrained in their memory banks. What this means is that you will be sent business that other stylists will be amazed at - and probable envious of - the amount of business you get. The retail you sell and income that is generated will be increased beyond what you think you are capable of. I cant think of another speciality niche that generates such a buzz in our biz that wavy & curly hair gets...its unbelievable - and its non stop with clients wanting help. 

What is fascinating is that you can implement this into your business in a easy way, with clients you already have and it will be your choice to take it to other levels by increasing your wavy-curly clientele. We know of many that have 30-50% curly up to 100% curly (such as myself)....and again, it is NON-STOP. 

AND - I love it. Why? The clients are truly excited, passionate about what you do and are eager to be served in a new way that no one around you is doing.

You may not hear of Curly Hair Artistry at a hair show, trade show or in leading industry magazines. 


Well, we are non-brand based. We believe that you should not be influenced by ad dollars or manufacture based information that is more focused on direct and indirect methods of influencing you with product sales. 

Products and retail are HUGE for this niche speciality and vast with what to use - so we help you with managing vision, methods and techniques that you can just about use ANYTHING healthy (and we teach you this) that impacts not only your business but you as a hairstylist developing a new healthy self esteem, confidence and your dignity shifts. 

You can get out of boredom, stagnation and financial debt by serving others in a new way. 

Curly Hair Artistry is inspired by Consumer Reports in that we discover and use a variety of products, learn how to build YOUR brand (as a manufacture brand may fail you but you will never fail) and we test these things out and share them with the world without advertising dollars. Why? Well, we invest in you as you invest in us. 

This speciality based training has changed lives in many ways = It works. 

Curly Hair Artistry turns 7 on January 14, 2020 and we have impacted the globe with training hairstylists (you see some of them listed on our Stylist Locator) without any form of advertising (we are not against it though as you have to build brand awareness somehow) - we have helped THOUSANDS of clients and people around the globe to learn how to embrace their hair with The MAP Method (an online course that teaches people how to work with their hair for the first time in their life to get wonderful results) and many of these people are searching online for hairstylists that embrace this message, product application and unique form of cutting wavy and curly hair. 

Like I said about this niche - it is non stop. 

As a stylist you already know how to ‘work with curly hair’ by teaching them to ‘fix’ their hair - the next step in the journey on The Path Of Mastery is stepping beyond Trade, Craft and into Artistry and we teach you about the other paths of working with Intuitive and Mastery based techniques and even the mindset required to step out of your comfort zones to succeed in a way not many are willing or even know how to explain. 

Let me tell you this - it takes time - like anything good that comes out of a crock pot - as we are a community of support and encouragement to help you in anyway we can to only succeed in a way that in one year you will see a huge difference. Are you ready for your business and life to be different in one year AND have fun doing it along the way?

Who is a perfect match to work with us?

If you have a large ego and need attention - do not work with us. 

If your intention is to spread word of your invention or want to use our platform to expand your own business ideas - please do not work with us - do your own thing as we do have a coaching program to help you outside of this platform that will assist you properly.  

If you love drama and gossip - do not work with us. 

If you are humble and want to serve others - we are a perfect match for you. 

Do you have some questions, thoughts or comments - let us know. 

Curly Hair Artistry is here based on word of mouth, shared by the world to wonderful people knowing they will be served with excellence - and we are offering you a new opportunity for high performance hairstylists - to be apart of this movement through live training, coaching or online courses. 

Finally - I have learned - like wavy and curly hair - YOU do not need to be ‘fixed’ - as you are perfect just they way you are - you just need to learn to EMBRACE more of who you already are. 

If you get anything from this blog - write that above sentence down - and say it out loud in your prayer time. 

Have a great year and we look forward to working with you soon by serving you in your own form of Artistry within this wonderful and expanding niche of wavy & curly hair. 

Our industry is changing and we look forward to how your input and experience will impact it. 

Curly Hair Artistry

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