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Uncategorized Jun 07, 2019

Good day everyone, 

For those of you that got Cultivate Your Curls - did you see the Facebook post asking for questions for our upcoming LIVE session we are doing today about wanting to see more wavy hair inspiration? Well, this prompted me to go in LIVE and reply to this by suggesting that if you have wavy hair and want to SEE MORE WAVY hair photos, styles and tips for styling - then do this: 

Lead The Way - instead of waiting in the background for something to happen - get your phone out, take a selfie and share your story, tips and products used to then post in our group. If you are living with any of the combination of fine, thin, wavy, silver, hydration, filler, sealer, sleeping, refreshing and more are suggestions to share your frustrations AND your progress. 

We encourage frustration.

In an Instagram perfection world - I addressed that comparison is a thief of happiness, joy and confidence. People compare what they have to someone else and shrink up and over time hold off on growth and contribution.

The mindset of comparison will distract you from the creators intentions and purpose. 

So when frustration happens and you don't want to rock the boat or seem like you are not 'getting it' and you go into stagnation and resignation.

You hide. 

Well, if you are in our ocean swimming with us - we want you to get professional guidance and help you succeed and the only way you can achieve a result is to be vulnerable and share what you need help with - and guess what - it works to help you practice, achieve a result and succeed. 

Also addressed in this Facebook Live Session was to get rid of Plan B - this is something you keep in the back of your mind to fall back on. Guess what? If your energy is in reserve to have a back up plan, how can you put all your effort into making Plan A a success? We recommend you burn your Plan B and go full force into Plan A and what is awesome about swimming with us is that we help you along the way.  

I addressed my own concerns with how others compare what I do with other things in the curly communities, hairstyling industry and what it can do to my own esteem, dignity and confidence - so, I stay out of those circles and focus on my own circle to reengage with what is important to me. 

We want YOU to reengage with us - to stay focused on putting your energy into PLAN A and trust us with your vulnerability to guide you through your frustrations in a professional way to give you results. 

That is our mission. 

For those of you not in our community - we wanted to share this message with you to give you a peek into what we cover - as it's not all about hair - its about living life and embracing all you are to achieve your goals. 

Staying in cycles of being a product junky, spending additional time watching YouTube or Instagram, getting your mind filled with comparisons and the over-all expense of what it does to your income and soul that in the end gives you what result? 

I have to gauge my own time of mindless strolling and access what truly happens to my Spirit when I do this? I feel a buzz that is short lived and kinda almost wants me to go back for more but in the end is a time sucker and deconstructs my energy to be myself. 

Moving on with confidence to other things in life with the boldness to embrace your hair (with frizz or without frizz) and radiate your natural beauty is part of our philosophy to discover your personal power to take on more important things in life. 

If you are a member of Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program - I will be going LIVE in our community to discuss The Five Stages of Hairstyling that helps us gauge our path of growth and how to focus our energy on accomplishing our dreams to be our best. 

If you invest in Curly Hair Artistry (check out this blog about CHA) - you can bet that we will invest back in YOU! 

For now, 
Curly Hair Artistry 


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