Salon challenge - learn to embrace curly hair in your services.

Your salon gets a call asking, "Do you work with curly hair?" and you say, "Sure - we all work with curly hair." and she books an appointment in 23 seconds. 

The client shows up and there seems to have an 'energy' to starting out that 'just doesnt seem right' and the salon/stylist works with the hair from a 'fix' it training - using a comb, cutting hair technically correct and using tools to smooth out the frizz and leave with hair 'fixed' and retail is recommended to keep the hair straight and smooth to not be frizzy or in a triangle. 

This is what happened to my client Kim - who is featured in the pdf of this online course I have about working with curly hair - to help our clients embrace their hair and to not fix it. 
This is her hair from years of hair stylist helping her and recommending products to her hair: 

Using a flat iron to reduce frizz MELTS products into her hair producing a coating of repelling water and preventing hydration of conditioners to melt into her hair - producing a plastic layer over her hair that causes her hair to break off and thin out. See how her ends are thin (and of course you NEVER use thinning scissors on curly hair). 

Cutting hair technically correct - like we learn in Cosmetology School and carried into our craft after school at trade shows and brand based training causes uneven hair when the client goes home to wash out the flat iron look and see how her hair looks curly. 

Here is a photo showing hair to be pulled 'even' but it goes 'uneven' when it lives in its natural state curly: 

As you can see - cutting hair 'technically correct' by combing or pulling it dry or wet can cause the coil formation to spring up and the looser wave to hang down creating imbalance when worn in its natural state. 

Learning to cut curly hair 'visually correct' without wetting or pulling it straight takes you out of a comfort zone that can be difficult to grasp on to & confusing without a system. 

Curly Hair Artistry has a system that takes hair stylists into the discomfort zone to help build confidence and create a comfortable vision of how to work with curly hair. 

By the way - here is Kim - after what is one way to work with curly hair as taught by Scott Musgrave (founder of Curly Hair Artistry= CHA) with a Cubist Curl Cut and The MAP Method of applying products (of which you can use any brand - as CHA is non-brand based) - she came back after 6 months using water soluble products and her cut still looks nice (isnt it rare to see our clients return with hair in better condition instead of looking worse over time?): 

I would like to invite you to see and read a bit of what this is about by clicking on this link to learn more of a perspective on what our clients are experiencing with Curly Hair Artist's around the globe: 
Click here

I look forward to your journey into learning about your clients hair - it is such a powerful service that will impact their lives with this growing movement of an embraceing service experience that you can add to your salon reputation and make a huge impact in your community. 

Expanding your craft into working with curly hair is easy with the proper training and guidance. Over time you develop your own intuitive approach that goes beyond craft and into artistry and we would love to join you on this journey. 

Scott Musgrave and Team CHA

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