Symposium Training a Success!

Curly Hair Artistry currently has two advanced trainings a year and we met for our annual Spring Symposium at Oasis Salon in Rockville MD. Host salon owner Wafaya Abdallah and her team does a wonderful job of taking care of us with a professional environment with live models that have all types of beautiful hair that represent many cultures. 

Scott Musgrave is founder of CHA and taught his form of cutting curly hair called Cubist Curl Cutting, product applicaiton process The MAP and business building components that help a sylist succeed. 

Wafaya Abdallah shares team building and business methods that help to communicate to your staff powerful skills that unite a team to progress together instead of individually. Wafaya also taught her free-form hair cutting techniques. 

Terrell Norris gave cutting and product applicaiton tips & Kelly Swann taught us a business model that is giving us confidence in how we approach our work that builds success. Both are from Oasis Salon. 

Ron Suriano of Moisture Salon in UpState New York was with us for sharing his version of The MAP product applicaiton, hair cutting on type 4 hair and gave insights into his continued success as a business owner & teacher. His artistry also created our certificates and our new mirror clings. 

Kelly Elaine Anker from Pittsburgh PA taught a session on using Olaplex on curly hair. Her business methods added another component to our salon menu that gives excellent results for our clients. 

Beverly Turner is a curly hair specialist that has a unique form of talent with up-do's and theater wigs and gave multiple tips in a session that inspired many with her intuitive approach and care while maintaining the integrity of curly hair.

Keina Morgan is a curly hair specialist from Toronto Canada. She gave a session on highlighting type 4 curly hair & taught her product applicaiton process that gives moisture and definition for coily hair. 

Alessandra Carelli Feminella from Brazil revealed her new product line that is available in Brazil and her approach to creating shape and movement on curly hair based on face shape. 

Curly Hair Artistry is a non-brand based approach to working with curly hair - and we do support and encourage manufactures that use water soluble products to achieve excellent results. We had the pleasure of having Greg and Joanne Starkman of Innersense Organic Products with us to share their vision and approach to maintaining and building the health all types of hair. The products they create are for all hair types and Beverly Turner found out they work great on curly hair and many have embraced their products. 

Each educator represents and owns their own content and we appreciate and want to thank each one for all of their passion and committment to excellence for helping each participant grow their own personal vision and brand that they take back to their salon or booth rental environment. 

CHA provides a platform for each artist to represent their own vison and brand that impacts our industry and leaves their own legacy while providing a safe place to learn, grow & share their journey. 

We are getting great feedback from participants and we want to thank each participant for trusting their education with Curly Hair Artistry. 

For more information on upcoming training for hairstylists - click here.


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