Curly Hair Artistry Planning, Preparation & Who To Follow

The first quarter of the year has flown by and we have been busy working on our vision, goals, intentions and actions. 

In a recent Mastermind we wrote down what we accomplished, did not accomplish and why (to revisit them) and what we are grateful for (as its easy to overlook small and big wins over being frustrated in life). 

For CHA - we had a great staff training session at Souther Curl in Atlanta: 

Scott worked with Aarti's hair for a cover shot for Curl Magazine - it was amazing to meet Stephanie (the owner of Curl) and the team assembled for make-up, photography, video and assistance as this was only backing up what CHA work! 

Aarti worked with how to Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method and loved it! She had a bit of a time trying to get nice day 2 hair previously and now she can get a great day 3 hair. She is professional, authentic and what you see is what you get and we love her! 

Curly Hair Artistry MASTERMIND group started up Q1 and this is designed to be small - so we can hear you and work through what you want to accomplish - we have a few spots open - click the word MASTERMIND if you want in on this monthly meet up every other week Mondays at 1pm EST - and also every other Thursday 4pm EST (figure out your time zone and mark it out if you want in).
We are keeping this at 10 participants and under. Some are meeting just with me and others are in a consistent group. 

Let me ask YOU:
How was your first quarter? Did you achieve small/big win's? How have you grown? Are you using your time efficiently? How are you doing physically & mentally? 

Send me a reply back with how YOU are doing. Even if you dont sign up I would love to hear your replies to those questions. 

Quarter 2 is already in swing - looking over my Mental Inventory Sheet reveals how I will spend my time:

1- Focus on San Diego live training (sold out) - we will need models for our training - keep an eye out from Me, My Curls & I Salon or email them your photos to qualify as a model for our training on June 12-13. 

2 - Set up Progress for Portland Maine (sold out) live training at Curl BoutiqueSalon for August 21-22 (Quarter 3).

3 - Setting vision for the first Curly Hair Artistry ADVANCED training in 2023 - 10 Year Anniversary. This will be for those that already attended previous trainings. More info to come. 

Finally - a big THANK YOU - to all of you - that support what we are about and all that we do as the first quarter of the year is off to a great start. 

For now, 
Curly Hair Artistry

PS - if you are in North Carolina - you gotta follow @nceatandplay on Instagram - I have been doing her hair since high school and now she is married and a mama of 2 and shares her passion for great places to eat and play - she is a positive young lady that spreads nothing but fun, food and family...and yes, she has amazing curls that I get to work with! 





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