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There was a great question that popped up in our Cultivate Your Curls private Facebook community and wanted to share it with you for your consideration and learning of what is possible for your own wavy/curly hair. 

Celeste asked me a great question: 

Scott Musgrave I hope you are doing okay through Florence. I don't expect an answer right away, I'm not sure if you have power... Anyway, I've been curious about something. You mention that you can use the same 4 products one very client and have good results. I'm sure you also do this for yourself, and I'm wondering if the products ever stop working for you? Do you have to rotate any of them? It seems like I have great results with new products for a week or two and then it goes down hill. I detox and still have problems. I think it might be my protein/moisture balance. I could probably use a good non-protein filler. I just got LHDC for a non-protein conditioner. Curious on your thoughts? You mentioned we have similar hair texture so I'm curious what you do! Thanks!

--------There is a LOT going on in that question that is addressed in my online course and in our private Facebook community but wanted to share my reply to yall ------------------


Scott Musgrave - Doing ok Celeste - on my clients I pretty much use the same 4 products and they also get them and stay with them. Some may get another option here and there and alternate with co-wash and lather safe products for curls but most stay with same products. 


As for me - I am obsessed - so I try new things here and there and find that MAP works with about whatever I am using. 


MAP is developed more so to be balance and NOT one manufacture way but a way with variety of manufactures and balance of hydration and structure (from protein). 


I think too much variety your hair gets 'confused' and will not have a chance to settle into what is possible. People here trying a lot and doing ok is fine, but some are doing so much variety they do not get consistency. 

I personally stay with the main products for hydration and I play around with my Sealers if anything. I dont Deep Condition or do any protein treatments....never have really and most of my clients do not. 


Many years ago - and I mentioned this before - I pick products and work with them for weeks to see what they do on myself first and then on my clients. I can tell what they do on my LP (Low Porosity) hair and figure out how they will work on HP (High Porosity) hair. 


I use a "Light Handed Approach" for our LP hair and a "Heavy Handed Approach" for HP hair using the same products. (As explained in the course). 

This is KEY: 

I think curlier hair has more 'play' and 'forgiveness' - as those with wavy hair have fluctuations of going looser more so than tighter. There is a lot of unpredictability with wavy hair - lots of fluctuation that is NOT controllable and you should NOT stress out to make it do something it cant or won't do.

Using my personal Sealer for my own curly hair won't make YOUR hair curlier if that makes sense - so, you stay with what your hair likes - but this doesnt mean it will go curlier like it did last week. Looking for another product is not the answer - embracing your variety is the answer and most people do not accept this as we see more and more beautiful hair online and build a desire to use what they use and this overall confuses our hair in many ways.


I see more success with people staying with consistency then using variety. 


I have rambled on more than what you may have wanted - as I can not explain why your hair changes and why you may not like it.

I find it is mostly subjective - as objectively I think you and your curls are beautiful - if they are looser than usual or tighter than usual - this is what makes waves & curls fun - and this saddens me when people step outside of this perspective and try to fix it by thinking there is something 'wrong' with what they have.

--------end conversation---------

We went on for a bit more and shared some photos and over time agreed on learning how to embrace what you have - with products that build up health (instead of a Cosmetic Approach to make it look and feel better) and over time her hair is doing even better. 

Cultivate Your Curls is a PROCESS of helping your hair and teaching you to manage and embrace your hair with professional guidance and a team of people to assist you with products that most salons are not familiar with as its NOT about products....but more so with how to use them. 

Click HERE for more info on CYC. Our community is setting a new standard of how to help you embrace your wavy/curly hair and it works! 


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- Curly Hair Artistry - a community of stylist living out their dreams and passion to help others in their region to embrace their wavy/curly/coily hair for hairstylists around the world - click here for more info. 

Recent success stories of a smile being what reveals confidence: 


2018 has been a wonderful year of learning to not 'fix' what is wrong with you - it has been a powerful year of 'EMBRACING' and CULTIVATING more of who you already are.

We focus on the positive in our community - just as Celeste has - and when you are curious about joining us to have a professional stylist guide you and a community to back you up in a healthy environment - click the link here and join us for the next phase of your journey. 

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