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Good day everyone, 

I want to welcome the many new people to Cultivate Your Curls and Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program. Thank you all for trusting us with your journey to embrace your hair AND build your business for those hairstylists that are specializing in curly hair. 

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I wanted to share a bit of the process that goes into helping others to succeed. 



Many Hairstylist and clients (I have had thousands of conversations with my clients about this) start out doing their regular trade and learn their craft and get stagnant, bored and find that what they are doing is just not working. 

From here - they quite, get burnt out and are overwhelmed or bored. Trade shows and local trainings are not enough. 

I get many calls from clients and hairstylists wondering how to expand what they do, raise their prices or just start a new journey into a vision or side-hustle they have. 

This is how I have served people - by teaching how to leave your comfort and safety zone into uncertainty and risk of Specializing in your area of passion. 

In this phase you expand into Artistry and Intuitive Creating that you learn to share with others to build a new way of doing business. 

Over time of specializing - you can go further by building a new way of doing business as an Entrepreneur. 

Fear is normal - but living with it is not. 

I teach you a couple of Systems and when you practice what you learn....fear is greatly diminished to the point where you will take action. 

I personally no longer tell people first that I am a Hairstylist or a Curly Hair Specialist but now I tell others I am an Entrepreneur. From here they ask in what way or how I do what I do and I have a short elevator talk with helping others to pursue their passion. 


As an Entrepreneur I have reduced my overall products I carry in my Studio and ask my clients and others in Cultivate Your Curls to support my business (and family) by using my Affiliate Links to get your products, courses and resources that I teach you how to use. 

Check out this weeks products and resources dealing with Scalp issues and entrepreneurial resources AND a comfy robe I have found HERE.

Most people - for convenience get their products online, so I have a weekly update that I send out recommending products and resources that have helped others to start a journey that expands your journey based on what I know as a Hairstylist - Specialist - Entrepreneur - to serve you best. 

This is a new model that I am incorporating to serve others with. 

You can incorporate a new model of how to start or build a side-hustle or full time business. 

We help you to do the same. 

What is your trade/job?

How can you become a Specialist?

From here, how can you take that and build a business as an Entrepreneur? 

For many - to be honest - it takes about a year to get going and this is how I serve you to do so by realistically building your business AND mindset to move from job, to side-hustle to a full time business. 

Again, it is a disservice to sit on your wisdom and experience of your life that can help others and to do nothing with it. 

We can help you.

For now, 

Curly Hair Artistry

From my Journal today:


Who you are becoming is more important than your current state. 

Have a great day!

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