What happens in a week or two with Curly Hair Artistry?

Good day everyone - what happens in about a week or two both in Curly Hair Artistry and also Cultivate Your Curls


Let us give you a peek....

Did you see Danielle's quick Facebook Live about expanding on something we address in the online course Cultivate Your Curls about Options & Possibilities (O&P)? 

It was powerful! 

We shared an article that went out on Instagram about Scott Musgrave: Founder of Curly Hair Artistry from a leading salon publication (Modern Salon) that quoted him and also got a reply back from a salon we did a Live Training at in Raleigh NC that is excelling in their region from what they learned - check out this quote:

While we were in Portland Maine a local YouTuber Pete Talbot did a chat with Scott and it went viral with a fun run of local scenery, food and light houses:

This was the mention in Modern Salon that was shared by Scott on Instagram @scottmusgravehair:

Take a peek at our CHA Live Education Team - well, its sideways AND the sun was in our eyes but dang....it's still awesome with beautiful people, scenery and yup...curly hair:

This post got about the most views recently with how Robyn is growing out her awesome silver AND has improved the health of her hair with The MAP Method:

Back on land from her work in the ocean is Danielle with hair that is growing out - check out her IG for more of her adventures out in the ocean AND with how her hair is growing out in a heathy way with The MAP Method:


We have a lot that goes on in a week or so and wanted to give you a glimpse into all we do at Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) and our communities including Cultivate Your Curls and our CHA Live Trainings along with our online course Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program. 

There is a lot of stuff in our industries with misguided information and leading you to products you do not need. 

Our goal is to guide you personally and to lead you to success in a way that is best for you...not a product or Instagram influencer that is promoting a manufacture but for You in a way that is genuine and personable. 

With so many Facebook communities, Instagram celebrities and Influencers along with confusion on YouTube - we are leading the way in a quiet organic humble way that speaks to what is best for YOU and all you are needing that helps you to embrace your hair. 

Are you linked up to an awesome community that supports you in your journey? 

Let us know!

Curly Hair Artistry

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