Inspiration & Persistance

How you take the day on starts with what you do the day before. 

If you wake up and feel lost....then you are unprepared. 

Preparation is a skill set and discipline that takes some getting used to as its a habit.

Preparation sets you up to achieve #1) a Goal & #2) a Habit. 

If you want to achieve a goal you need to set up and work on habits to achieve that goal. 

Example: I want to be healthy (Goal) and to help me achieve this goal I want to build habits that lead to health and I am currently working on and learning from a new book that is out about a lifestyle of health vs a diet - its called 131 Method by Chalene Johnson. 

As a hairstylist I need energy to stay upbeat during the day - trying to manufacture that on my own is difficult - so, I need help with food, fitness & creativity and resources help me the most by reading, implementing and learning from others who have been before me. 

I just started The 131 Method and as I read about the...

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