What Do You Need For Healthy Curly Hair?

Good day everyone. 

We have been on a quest for encouraging others to be the best they can be and we always wonder: what else can be done to help readers, participants and online members to reach their goals with their wavy/curly hair? 

One member wanted to share that her hair health increased by changing to better products with ingredients that promoted healing such as Innersense Color Radiance Daily Conditioner. It has been amazing to see this conditioner transform so many heads of hair around the globe. 

Another member shared that increasing her intake of zinc has helped with reducing hair shedding and falling out.
Scalp Massage, Biotin and a healthy diet has always helped many with keeping the follicle - under the scalp - stay healthy by keeping blood flow up to the scalp that stress, medicine or a clogged pore can hinder hair growth.

We are not medical doctors as many things that cause hair issues can be related to diet, stress, hereditary and hormones and all of these can be affected by what we do and what we eat. 

We have seen many people get stronger growth of hair from getting more protein. When the diet fads of long ago reduced bread (carbs) intake and protein was increased we saw hair and nails grow faster and stronger (mainly nails getting stronger). 

As I exercise, massage my scalp, increase my oxygen intake, drink a smoothie with greens and protein I can say that my hair, skin and how I feel are all on the up. 

One of my main concerns with my clients, participants and members is being RUSHY - going through life, going fast through their hair care routine and eating on the go...and other life needs quickly produces rushy results. 

Rushy Results are consequences that produce less than desirable results. 

If life is giving you less than desirable results - you have to step back and think about what is going on that you can control and what you can not control. What can you slow down on to get a grip on taking care of yourself FIRST so that you can take care of others, your business or any area of life that needs your focus.  

If your hair is falling out from stress, being rushy or a crappy diet - can you imagine what is going on INTERNALLY to cause this? 

Most of us shed 80-100-120 hairs a day. 

If you do not do your hair for a few days then you have 300+ hairs stuck inside your hair. Since we do not brush our hair or like straight hair people that have hair blow out with the wind or brush their hair as they blow dry it - their shedding comes out. 

Wavy, curly & coily hair is keeping the hair in and once you get it wet and start to cleanse or co-wash you see clumps of hair coming out - this is normal to see this. It is important to spend time cleansing your scalp with care and then rinse it off properly....not in a rush. 

It also means to take your time to hydrate your hair - not in a rush

If you apply your stying products in a rush - it will look like you did it in a rush and this means you can not blame products, method of applying products or the stylist. 

Put your big-girl undies on and when you want to care for your hair - do so in a manner that is similar to any other Self Care Routine and take your time with a focus on caring for your hair and scalp so that it will last you for a few days. 

Many with Cultivate Your Curls are getting multiple day hair for the first time in their life and when they go to redo their hair or do a Dry Refresh Routine they see hair coming out. Remember: this is normal shedding - as you are going longer between cleansing/hydrating. 

If you ever see red spots, patches of no hair, circles of baldness - then go to your Doctor. 

Many have had reverse of health issues with a overall blood test. Find out what is going on in the inside to help with what goes on the outside. Seems like wheat and gluten are culprits of many lately in the USA and once reduced or eliminated many skin, hair and body issues are helped. Many are lacking Vitamin D as well. 

These are observations that as a hair stylist have been observed, noticed and discussed with nurses, clients and others who have been through things that we can look out for each other and bring up what is working for each other. 

We have seen hair that was stressed and dried out over time to grow in thicker from becoming hydrated and healthier. Hydrated hair doesn't break off as easy and it will grow more instead of continue to break off. 

When you brush your hair - or using a detangling comb improperly - which can cause your sensitive cuticle - with repetition of stress - to break. Towel drying, sleeping on a cotton pillow case and hair ties all cause stress on your hair over time with repetition. 
We love these cord style ties that slid out of the hair instead of yank out hairs. 

Learning to have healthy hair is possible. If anything - it can be WAY BETTER THAN BACK IN THE DAY and as a hairstylist I see hair return in BETTER condition over time - as most stylists see clients return with hair getting worse over time. In my studio I see clients returning with hair getting better and the only sign they need a cut is because it has grown out and got heavy and bulky and needs a shaping up - but other than that their ends are not even split. 

We look forward to hearing back from you of what works for your hair to keep it healthy, what supplements you use and how you manage stress to keep your scalp (and life) supple. 

We daily have to remind ourselves to slow down - I rush through things and it shows. 

I have a plaque in my kitchen that says, "I am not a fast cook, I am not a slow cook - I am a Half-Fast cook". 

I am sure some of my foodies will get that one! LOL

For now, 
Curly Hair Artistry 



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