What can be done in one year with vision, dreams & goals?

This is an important program that I want to share with friends in our circles as with what has happened from it over time has produced some amazing results. 

I want you to be in on it as well - when you are ready. 

First off - we have an assessment to take that will reveal where you are at and what you want to do with the upcoming year. CLICK HERE for this assessment and please realize that I will take on no more than 20 people at this time for coaching/mentoring but also realize that this assessment will give YOU a gauge with where you are at, where you want to go and what is needed to get what you want done and what is needed to do so. 

If you are interested in being one of twenty people I personally work with coming up for 2019-2020 - check out THIS LINK. Helping others to achieve things greater than I have brings me personal joy and helping you to do the same can be a reality with this coaching program offer that I have for you. What is sweet is that it will only be for 60 days. 

I believe that it takes discipline to achieve your goals and what I help others accomplish is to stay on track for your vision and keep you accountable with action steps during the week that brings you results quickly.

This is a system that reduces fear, anxiety and overwhelm that most people stay stuck in that produces buzy-ness but nothing achieved over time. 

I have spend over 10K on courses, coaching and group masterminds recently to have learned a lot to achieve my own goals and have found that there are a few things missing to help someone achieve results faster and this is what I address in my time with you. 

Again - this is only for serious inquiries of people that are ready to make something happen but are stuck on how to do so. 

I have taught this to real estate agents, entrepreneurs, fitness pro's, hairstylists, counselors, therapists and even a young man that started a hot sauce product. I have worked with men and women over the past years that have all benefited from what you learn as it sticks with you as a way of life. This LIFESTYLE is fun, results orientated and builds on giving you esteem & confidence to take on more as time goes by....this is what makes it a lifestyle that very few people know about. 

The sooner the better is what I say - as I wish I had access to this when I was younger and at age 57 now I know I could be way ahead of my goals if I were to have done this at age 27, 37, or 47....but if you are 67 it is NOT too late. I see so many people with a more mature perspective progress fast as they are less concerned with what others think about them and move on to achieve a legacy that is meaningful to them. 

That leads to a great thought - what is your legacy and what do you want to leave behind for your family or future generations of people that you want to work with? 

I use the platform called Kajabi for my website, email, blog and even my online courses and you can have a trial run of it for free to check out HERE - let me know when you try it as I have a couple of 30 minute sessions I will work with you FOR FREE when you get this to help you build your brand. I personally love it and have helped others use it with great success. Again click HERE for more info with this amazing platform that others use to get wonderful overall results quickly with spreading your message to the world with Kajabi.

 My hope and prayer is that the end of this year and the year to come will be for you healthy, wealthy and wise and I would love to be apart of it as I am with others that make for a group of like minded individuals that are making a difference in their community. 

For now, 
Scott Musgrave


PS - ok, one more thing. If you need help with being all over the place or trying to make things perfect - then I recommend this book to help you gaining an edge as you progress with your goals and personal leadership - check this out HERE

PSS - one other resource that is awesome to go with the above book is HERE

Reply back to me with your thoughts and I will be glad to share mine as well. 

Have a great day!

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