What feeds your soul?

Good day!

I recently wrote a Facebook post welcoming some new people to my business page (Scott Musgrave Hair) and I was fascinated at what we discussed with what everyone does to cultivate & feed their soul outside of working on their hair. Once you learn to manage your hair you can move on to more important things in life.

Some people were avoiding things in life BECAUSE of their hair - but once your confidence in working with your hair (with The MAP Method) you can stop searching & wasting money on products and resources. This leaves you with time and money for LIVING LIFE! 

Here are some of the replies that I think anyone of us can use as an idea of what to do coming up this weekend or even during the week: 

- Photography & walking in nature taking photos. 
- Riding horses - go on a guided trail. 
- Gardening - starting a seasonal garden - visit a garden center. 
- Teaching someone that needs your experience - mentoring. 
- ZipLine - face that fear of height or a Ropes Course. 
- When no-one is around - sing out loud. 
- Go out on a lake and rent and spend time in a Kayak. 
- Explore a museum with a pad and draw like a child and let no one see it. I go outside, sit on a rock and just draw what I see. 
- Listen to a different type of audio book as you drive. 
- Try a yoga video from YouTube (I love Yin Yoga lately).  
- Pass on to a friend your Spotify music list or trade lists.
- Save for a cruise and go with some friends/family. 
- Dance class - learn how to move with grace. 
- Day long plan, prep and cook on a slow cooker smoking some BBQ. 

And more! 

I use a hashtag on social media to inspire others to get out of watching hair videos, learning more business techniques and get down on the ground with your pet and play with the hashtag #livelife = to LIVE LIFE. 

What separates me from other hairstylists, social media influencers and brands is to get a life outside of watching YouTube, Instagram or being influenced by manufactures that send a free bottle of their product to a person to add tips of how to use their product (as we really do not read labels on bottles) - what I do is test things out and share discoveries with those that invest in me. They trust what I do and have seen the impact it has made with others around the globe. Its like Consumer Reports in that I do not take manufacture ad's or have them tell me what to say or what to do with their products - as I share what works without influence from others. 

Look at my social media and notice that I share photos about: Life, Family, Adventures, Food, Fitness, Friends, etc. 

There is more to life than hair. 

Seriously - how much more do you need to see ANOTHER before and after of someones hair? Ok - I do share success stories and hope that you would see someones hair that looks like yours and see the potential that YOU can have as well as some sushi or incentives for staying healthy. And in the long run I want to see more about what you are doing to live life. 

People can get caught up in drama - and in this business there is a LOT of drama. What I find is that the majority of people in our circles are drama-free and stay clear of others that talk about others or are Ego Maniacs. 

When I get messages and emails from people that take my courses or attend our trainings or experience mentoring they end up saving money by no longer buying those influencer products, they save time on no longer watching videos (Consuming) to spend that time on things that feed their souls (Creating). They save money for a vacation (yes, it is THAT much) and over all many people just say that they have more confidence and dignity to live life

Are you Consuming or Creating your life?

What are most of my clients?

They are professional - they are healers in the medical and nursing industry - they are artists - they are one of the most challenging jobs there is with being a Stay At Home MOM. 

You know what's exciting? 

Many people contact me with ideas they have and want to do what I did with creating an impact in the world with making an online course, or have a class in a church or mentor others with their wisdom and experience....and I help them to do so. 

They are serving other people. 

People have taken the model of how I teach others with our trainings and done the same with their niche. 

It works. 

Leaving a legacy means that you impact others without credit or a pat on the back or even a thank you. 

Thats ok - as what we are here for is larger than ourselves and our fragile ego. 

I see many people staying in their salon by themselves doing their thing not rocking the boat out of fear and ego. Yes, your ego keeps you isolated for not rocking the boat. It is time to enter into a season of life to make a difference. 

What feeds your soul? 

Why don't you do something about it or with it! 

If you are passionate and tell the world about it you WILL make a difference = Create. 

Not YouTubers, InstaFamous Grammers and Twitters that you are following and feeding your subconscious mind = Consuming. 

Creation is a process of CULTIVATING what is in your soul that you must express one way or another....over time.

And we LOVE to support you along the way. 

This is about real people wanting sexy, beautiful & professional hair that enjoy living life once they know how to manage their hair and not have their hair manage them. 

Again, what feeds your soul?

Hit the reply button, leave a comment or send me an email and share with me how you #livelife 

For now, 
Scott Musgrave: Founder of Curly Hair Artistry - Photo by my wife Janey - in this blog is of me in Boone NC taken during a time I was journaling and drawing like a kid inside my Midori Travelers Notebook - dont ask to see the drawing....it is for me only and it felt great to draw with markers in the early morning hours while the sun was warming the mountains and the dew and mist was rising above the mountains. We were in an Air-B'n-B of which was high up in the mountains of North Carolina. 

Sunrise in Todd North Carolina - photo by Scott Musgrave


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