Wave & Curl Rebound

Hello everyone!

Looking at my clients hair - there are Four Stages of what I call Curl Rebound that affects how their hair will react, respond and adjust as the days progress from cutting their hair with Cubist Cutting (or your own method), our own styling in the salon with The MAP Method (or another method) and how they work with their hair once they are at home with their own routine: 

1) After a cut

2) After salon styling

3) At home styling

4) Day 2-3-4-5 

What fascinates me about social media (especially Instagram) with influencers and hairstylists show their hair right after SOTC (Scrunching Out The Crunch) and it looks amazing. What I want to see and DO see with The MAP Method is hair after LIVING LIFE many hours later. 

I want to have a #challenge with members here in our circles in and out of Curly Hair Artistry to post your photos after YOU go home and style your hair. Does it look the same as when you left the salon? 

Our wavy & curly hair is vulnerable and responds to another principle I call The Three Indicators: 

1) Water (hard or soft)

2) Environment (aired or humid)

3) Ingredients of what is used on our hair from products & manufactures (cheap or quality)

With The MAP Method we see a bit more consistency than any other method out there. Yup - a bold statement that I stand by as we see consistency AND it has been mentioned by people with years of experience with other methods that has not worked for them. Give The MAP Method around 30 days to work for them quickly.

Also - many people want multiple day hair. You CAN NOT achieve multiple day hair UNLESS you get a nice DAY ONE hair - and it is the routine that helps to work with The Three Indicators mentioned above. 

You learn over time to respond to The Three Indicators from an Intuitive Approach as taught by learning to Cultivate Your Curls

People around the globe are learning how to Cultivate Your Curls and teach Cubist Cutting Principles with CHAMP and our Live Training session as described HERE. Yup - even in the Amazon of Brazil come to our sessions to learn how to impact their business. 


- How is your clients hair Rebounding after a Salon visit?
- How is it Rebounding at home with their own styling?
- How is it Rebounding on day 2-3-4? 

Do you know how to manage your hair with The Three Indicators
- Water?
- Environment?
- Ingredients? 

You may travel and experience these Three Indicators - how confident are you with knowing how to manage your hair? 

We look forward to your replies and to see your hair with your own styling application after you leave the salon with the #challenge 

For now, 
Curly Hair Artistry

Yes - Laura is a Hairstylist that embraces her own silver curly hair and has Cultivated Her Curls with The MAP Method and shares this with her clients to not 'fix' their hair, but to EMBRACE their hair. 

We look forward to you joining this movement to helping you and your clients to embrace their hair. 

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