Meet some of our friends to see how they are changing the world.

Good day everyone! 

Working with people day in and day out we discover many fascinating things that people are doing in their profession. Their passion for what they do is contagious and exciting! 

When you start hearing stories of how people are transformed by what they are doing - it is something we want to share with the world of how they are contributing to making a difference in their region of the globe.  

First mention is Colie Taico (click name for info). She is a therapist and specializes in a couple of areas including helping women heal their relationship with food.

If you are in Cultivate Your Curls she is in the section of how to get multiple day hair (of which has helped many people to relearn how to work with day 2-3-4 hair).

Colie works with clients one on one and is taking her years of experience and is creating an online course that will reach others that can not sit with her privately.  Sign up HERE to get on her list. 

She is also on Instagram @colietaicolcsw sharing ideas and tips that you can follow: 


Next up is Michelle Stiver (click her name for her website) of Salon Aficionado - she is our first Certified Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program hairstylist and if you go to her Instagram page @salonaficionado you will see her form of artistry that includes a range of training and how she blends it all together is a beautiful form of artistry. She incorporates Cubist Curl Cutting and The MAP Method of product application helping her clients to embrace their hair that many people are searching for. You can find her listed on the Stylist Locator in California, USA. 


We have more stylists that have been Certified and will share their info coming up soon. 

Certification includes sending in videos of incorporating the course content the hairstylists have learned, completed assessments explaining how they are utilizing the course content and before and after photos (this is not an overnight process). 


One more....Tamara Bennett is an Entrepreneur that has a business and online community that teaches you how to create hanging door art and more. Her enthusiasm and creativity has inspired me personally and many others of what is possible. Her own journey with curly hair has been FREE from using a curling iron or flat iron hair for months and her hair has gotten healthier over time! Check out her website HERE and on Instagram:  

 We LOVE working with people in our circles and telling the world about what they do. Healthy people that have their ego in check, do not have an agenda and their only intention is to help and serve others with what they know best and has worked for others and want the same for you. So please check them out!

These heart-giving people are in our communities and we will share more stories soon - if you would like to share yours with us - send us an email at: 
[email protected] and we will get back to you soon with a reply. 

Cultivate Your Curls info is HERE for those of you with wavy and curly hair that want to stop 'fixing' their hair and learn to finally EMBRACE their hair. 

Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program is for professional hairstylist wanting to expand their business learning how to work with products and to style wavy & curly hair through cutting, application of products and to amp up their business info is HERE

For now, 
Curly Hair Artistry

Thankful & Grateful for YOUR friendship! 

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