Passion & Sacrifice Leads To Success

Welcome to another update with Curly Hair Artistry,

We are so excited returning back from the recent 2019 Spring Symposium - check out this group photo:

I am always humbled that hairstylists sacrifice their time, energy and finances to attend a Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) Live Training. 

A young lady from Brazil - near the Amazon, a stylist from Ireland, a young man from UK and stylists from around the USA including Texas, Portland Oregon and more....all to advance their level of understanding in building their own brand as a curly hair specialist. 

The next training is in Maine - with information here as we still have a few spots open - click HERE

Another observation is meeting those of you who attend our trainings as a model for us to work on who are also in Cultivate Your Curls with The MAP Method and word is getting out of how you are able to show up at CHA based salon with your hair set with MAP and just get a cut only as your styling is spot on and just need the shaping up a couple/few times a year....amazing! If you are interested in MAP - click HERE for more info. This is setting a new standard for helping you to embrace your wavy/curly hair. 

UPDATE: A few hairstylist that are in the Curly Hair Artistry Mastery Program are sending in videos and photos of implementing what they are learning and a few are SO close to achieving a CHAMP Certified Stylist level in MAP or Cubist Curl Cutting (or both) with making a difference in their own business by what is covered in this online course. They have to show they are doing what they are learning to get certified and with stylists mainly in areas outside the USA in this course it is AMAZING to see stylists growing with this content. 

We in CHA are honored to be apart of a movement that helps clients and hairstylists to embrace their own hair or their clients hair. New stylists will be added to the CHA Stylist Locator listed HERE in the near future. 

This level of training is making a difference. It is worth every penny, energy and time to sacrifice everything to create a new opportunity to impact our industry that is different than anything else around.

So many people are trying to FIX something that is confusing, overwhelming and filled with drama and the secret to getting out of that  three ring circus is to create a new opportunity - and that is what Curly Hair Artistry does - it creates a positive environment that has excellent people focused on serving you without the drama or time sucking energy that keeps you in a circle of overwhelm. 

We don't need fixing - we need to embrace all that we are and have - is something that is the back bone of CHA ever since it was formed in 2013. 

Finally - a resource that has been helping some of us in a Mastermind group to help stay on track is a book by Michael Hyatt that addressed staying focused on what is important to help achieve goals and dreams - check out Free To Focus on this affiliate link to our resources that help to keep our sanity. Mr. Hyatt's other books are very good and this latest one is a part of a trinity of books that address productivity from using his Full Focus Planner that i have been using this works great! 

Ok - one more photo - a recent Cultivate Your Curls member shared her success with second day hair with MAP - check out Jessica's photo: 

We hope you have an awesome day and will see you soon, 

Curly Hair Artistry

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