Perfect is Boring!

Perfection is Boring.


I was a photographer and did my own #blackandwhitefilm development and printing.

#richardavedon impacted my art with his journey and I was inspired to take this photo after not shaving for 4 days, I refreshed my hair with who knows what and I don’t care how I look. What is not shown in the photo is what is going on in my soul - as I was going through a change of perspective based on changing how I am doing my business. Parts of my soul was in pain and the other parts were excited and yet I was transitioning to uncertainty and there was no path for me to follow....I had to forge ahead and create a path on my own. 


My friend @danielleduran_curls (Instagram) came up with the quote “Perfection is Boring” and I thought that this is kinda like getting a tattoo in that you don’t care what other people do it for yourself.

When your hair heals and becomes healthy over time you can let go of ‘perfection’ and radiate beauty from a sense of confidence.

@danielleduran_curls (Instagram) Danielle has no styling products in her hair - none.

She shared how she Hydrated her hair - did a fabric scrunch and let it air dry in about 45 minutes to run errands and live life with her family.

“Perfect is boring” she says.

This past week in our #cultivateyourcurls community we have seen and read some stories of inspiration that just putting your hair up to live life is key to embracing more of who you are.
What your hair looks like mid-day is more than what it looks like 30 seconds after scrunching it out for an IG post.

Living life as a Mother and Wife as Danielle does requires more than worrying about what gel to use at times. 

I dare you to "be you" and say ‘perfect is boring’ and show the world a part of who you are that doesn’t care what others will say or write about = #beyourself - life is not all Instagram perfect.

What I love about our Cultivate Your Curls community is that we share real life photos and examples of "its more than hair" photos with our hair at the end of the day - or day 2-3-4 - and that it can look nice and that we learn how to manage our hair and our dignity at the same time. 

Bhairavi posted a Day 2 photo of her curls loosening up a bit and getting more volume and she also appreciates what we call 'functional frizz' that gives hair more expansion. People used to be worried about this not being 'perfect' and would start all over.

I teach that this is not 'dysfunctional frizz' but a perspective shift of appreciating what you have to give you more of what you want - as it is about impossible to have definition and volume. You kill volume when you want definition so you must learn to embrace Functional Frizz. Look at how beautiful Bhairavi's hair is: 

Again - when your hair reaching a state of being healthy - many of you can appreciate your hair more in its natural state. 


Tag me in your photos of 'being you' and that #perfectisboring @scottmusgravehair on Instagram

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We look forward to hearing about your own journey of cultivating not only your hair....but embracing more of who you already are. 


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