Best of Curly Hair Artistry

For the year 2015 we voted and the results are in: 


Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) is a non brand based group of curly hair specialists from all over the globe. We meet daily in a private Facebook page dedicated to expanding the craft and artistry of helping our clients to embrace their naturally curly hair.

We focus on Art, Methods & Techniques and the Business of working with all forms of waves, coils and curly hair (of which we will simply call ‘curly hair’) and many consider us the industry leaders of advanced education with a focus exclusively on curly hair.

Each year members of Curly Hair Artistry are asked to share their favorite and best selling products into a collective pool that is tallied up for an overall “Best of CHA 2015”.

We are free to explore and try out large, micro & independent manufactures that create products for all hair types that we use with an emphasis on curly hair. Some manufactures have just one product, while...

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